Kleresca is a break-through acne treatment that harnesses the power of Biophotonics to safely treat your acne and stimulate the tissue’s own repair systems.  The treatment combines the use of a photoconverter gel and LED light to kill bacteria in the skin and initiate healing.  In clinical trials, Kleresca showed high efficacy on people with moderate to severe acne; 9 out of 10 people saw an improvement to their skin and 30% of people achieved clear or almost clear skin.  In the extended clinical trial improvements were maintained for at least 6 months and none of the treated patients returned to their original acne severity.

How does Kleresca Acne Treatment Work?

BioPhotonics is a unique light conversion system that is designed to stimulate your skin’s own repair at the cellular level.  Kleresca is an innovative BopPhotonic treatment which utilises multi-wavelength LED light combined with a photoconverter gel.  The gel allows a spectrum of wavelengths to penetrate the skin, killing bacteria and stimulating your skin’s own repair systems.  This treats your acne and stimulates collagen build-up, which may be beneficial in the repairing of acne scars.

Which area’s can Kleresca treat?

Technically, any area can be treated however, face and back are the most popular.

Who is a good candidate for Kleresca Acne Treatment?

Anyone who suffers from acne is a good candidate for Kleresca Acne Treatment, even those with severe acne.  To see if you are a suitable candidate for Kleresca Acne Treatment book a complimentary consultation with one of our skin technicians.

How many treatments?

Kleresca Acne Treatment is performed as a treatment plan.  You will have 2 treatments per week for 6 weeks, a total of 12 treatments.  You will see results during the 6 week treatment course, you can expect to see additional improvements after the course is complete.

Kleresca Acne Treatment Before and After Image

Acne Treatment – cheek

Acne Treatment – temple

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