• Had initial consultation with Dr Murray regarding Breast Augmentation Procedure to discuss shape, size and risks involved. A choice of surgeons is available depending on the type of surgery needed.
  • Profiling with Breast Specialist, at this appointment – discussed appropriate implant size for my frame, was measured and different implant samples were trialed with a sample bra garment.
  • Booked procedure date when as I definitely wanted to go ahead with procedure (I have thought about this for years) and paid a deposit to secure procedure date.
  • Was sent for Blood tests and also given a referral for a Breast scan which was not needed due to no family history of breast cancer and due to age (under 40).
  • Had second consult with the Doctor to discuss and confirm breast implant size chosen and to go over final pre and post consents and care. All concerns and questions were answered at this appointment. A third consult was available and recommended at no charge if I wanted to ask further questions.


  • On arrival at the HospitalI felt very calm and at ease as I was comfortable in knowing that Doctor and his team had given me all the appropriate information and was ready for the procedure.
  • Nurse Robyn admitted me and went through the Breast Procedure pack again which included post care information and made sure that I understood everything I needed to do. At this point was put into TED Stockings and a surgical gown.
  • The Anesthetist then introduced himself and asked me questions relating to sedation and explained what would happen in the procedure and how I would feel waking up.
  • The surgeon then came in and outlined with a surgical marker on the area that was to be treated.
  • I was then escorted to Theatre and was prepared on the Theatre Bed for my procedure.
  • At this point I felt quite nervous though while laying there the Anasthetist began to insert my IV and then moments later I was in a deep sleep.
  • I then woke up to Nurse Robyn calling my name.
  • She told me that everything had gone well and I should be very happy with the results.
  • The Nurses then washed and dressed me and moved me into the recovery room. I then re fell asleep and awoke when my carer had arrived and was going to take me home.
  • Nurse Robyn then went through the post care instructions again with myself and my carer and advised us on all that we needed to do in the next 24 hours.
  • She also discussed symptoms and appearances that I may experience over the next couple of days.
  • She gave me the time that I needed to come in for 1st day post surgery review and dressings.



  • I then went home and had some dinner and went to sleep. I did awaken at midnight due to mild pain and had to take some pain relief which worked well. My Doctor reviewed my care and was available at all times.


  • I then woke up the next morning and felt sore; this was also quickly relieved by pain killers.
  • My breasts felt heavy and tight.
  • I came to Absolute for my dressings.
  • Nurse Laura washed the area and reapplied fresh dressings and also took Day 1 Post procedure photos. She then put my garment on again and she told me I would need to wear it for 6 weeks fulltime which included all day and night.
  • She went through Showering Instructions with me and my carer.
  • I was told not to lift my arms above my shoulders for 2 weeks and was to do minimal lifting which could only include a cup of coffee.
  • I was instructed to wear the TEDS stockings for 2 weeks full time and to do regular leg exercises to prevent clots in my legs.
  • I was also told to wrap my breasts in glad wrap when showering to prevent wetting the dressings as I was told this lessens the risk of infection.

DAY 2 – 7

  • Pain was manageable as I religiously took my pain killers every four hours as advised. This was generally in the first 3 days.
  • Pain gradually lessened and I was able to do more and more as the days went on, at the same time keeping it to a minimum in regards to arm movement.
  • The use of pain killers gradually became less as the days progressed.
  • My breasts felt very tender and tight especially around the nipple area.
  • There was swelling and my breasts were still sitting quite high in my chest.
  • When showering I removed my garment and wrapped my breasts in glad wrap and as soon as I finished showering the garment needed to be put on.


  • When coming to the clinic for suture removal I was a little nervous and worried that it would hurt.
  • I then found that it was quick and painless.
  • That day I was then told that I could resume showering as normal.


  • After sutures had been removed and I was able to shower I felt that wearing the garment made me feel more secure as I found that when not wearing it my breasts felt heavy.
  • I felt that by week 6 my breasts felt more natural as if they were my own and I was then able to begin wearing normal bras again.




Why you chose this procedure? My upper eyelids were heavy, however they did not cause any vision loss. I felt that I looked tired and that the excess skin on my upper eyelids aged me. So I was looking for a fresher more youthful look.

What you did to get ready for procedure? I did not do a great deal to prepare for my surgery. I don’t smoke and I try to eat healthy. I did make sure I had some ice packs in my freezer and cooked a couple of meals so I didn’t have to worry about food, while I was recovering.

What you felt during the procedure: Absolutely nothing.

What you felt/saw post procedure: I was very lucky I had minimal bruising but my eyes were very swollen. There was NO pain, I experienced discomfort due to the swelling, the swelling made my eyes feel heavy, so I rested and applied mu ice packs. The discomfort only lasted a couple of days, the swelling lasted approximately 7 days.

Results: Exceeded my expectations, I love the way my eyes look, I achieved a fresher look and definitely a younger look in a subtle way.

Recommendations: I would recommend it to anyone that wants to have a youthful freshness added to their face.





Why you chose this procedure? I chose to do the Erbium Laser to my skin as I had very sun damaged skin. I had fine lines and some wrinkles as well. I wanted to freshen up my appearance.

What you did to get ready for procedure? I had to use a lightening cream at night prescribed by Dr Murray 2 weeks prior to my treatment; this prepares the skin for the laser treatment. I also had to get my scripts filled and set my home up for my recovery. Because of the down time with the treatment I di shopping and bill paying so I wouldn’t need to leave the house for a week.

What you felt during the procedure: I don’t remember much about the procedure, I do remember that afterwards my face felt very hot and I was really sleepy.

What you felt/saw post procedure: The day after my procedure I returned to the clinic, the bandages were removed and the plastic dressing was left on. The nurse cleansed the areas that the dressing didn’t cover and showed me how to do this as I would need to do this when I got home. Around my eyes was very puffy and I had some swelling to my face but I was not in any pain. The second day after my procedure the plastic dressing was removed and this made me feel better as it was starting to annoy me as it was moving around. My face looked shinny, red and some light areas of crusting, the swelling and puffiness had settled but I still felt a little puffy. I had to do dressings on my face about four times a day, with each time I did dressings more crusting and dead skin came off. The skin underneath looked pink. Within 4-5 days after the procedure, all the crusting, dead skin and puffiness had settled. My skin looked pink, similar to a sunburn look, this settled over the course of about a month.

Results: It is about 3 months since my Erbium procedure, the skin redness has settled and my skin looks more even in regards to colour/complexion, smoother – it has really softened my finelines and wrinkles and helped reduce my pore size. I feel and look refreshed.

Recommendations: I would advise others to prepare family by telling them what their skin will look like in the days following the procedure as I looked pretty bad for the first couple of days.

By N




Why you chose this procedure? I chose the CoolSculpt procedure because I had some stubborn areas of fat which refused to budge through diet and exercise.

What you did to get ready for procedure? I had a consultation with one of the skin therapists at the clinic and also met with Dr Murray who asked me some questions regarding my current health and past medical history to ensure I was an eligible candidate for the procedure.

What you felt during the procedure: Initially when the cup of the machine was being placed on my skin I felt a mild pressure followed by a cool sensation as the treatment began. After a few minutes I barely noticed the coolness of the machine on my skin and just relaxed and read a magazine.

What you felt/saw post procedure: Immediately after the procedure my skin felt cold and numb in the area that was treated. It was visibly red and slightly raised but was not in any way painful or uncomfortable. The redness and numb sensation subsided in the hours following the procedure.

Results: It has only been two months since my initial treatment and already I am beginning to notice a change. Previously my bulky waist used to keep me out of tight clothing whereas now I am starting to notice less ‘muffin top’ and hope to be able to buy my first pair of skinny jeans soon!

Recommendations: I got a lot of valuable information out of the initial consultation prior to my treatment. The therapist I met with discussed all aspects of the treatment thoroughly and helped me to understand the types of results I could hope to achieve.




Why you chose this procedure? I wanted to do IPL for my underarms because I had very course thick black hair. When I shaved I felt like there was a shadow and it was inconvenient to wax as I had to grow to the hair to a certain length.

What you did to get ready for procedure?
I shaved the area the day before my appointment and I also avoided fake tan in that area.

What you felt during the procedure: The treatment felt like something hot flicking back on my skin. It was a little painful but very quick. I felt like my second and third treatment were less painful, I guess because there isn’t as much hair there as there was to begin.

What you felt/saw post procedure:
My underarm’s were a bit red and a little tender, however that passed within 24 hours. After the treatments it took about a week for the hair to fall out.

Results: I’ve had 3 treatments so far and the hair that remains is very patchy and very fine I would think after another couple of treatment s that would be it.

Recommendations: Do it, it is great. I will be treating other areas.

By N




Why you chose this procedure? I chose to do the IPL skin rejuvenation because I had some sun spots and broken capillaries on my face.

What you did to get ready for procedure?
I avoided fake tan and sun tanning 2 weeks before my treatment.

What you felt during the procedure: The skin technician put a cold gel on my cheek – it felt like ultrasound gel, then when the treatment started it felt like a hot ‘lacky’ band flicking back at my skin. There was a bright light with each pulse and the combination of the flicking sensation and the bright light made me flinch, the treatment stung a bit but was very quick which made it tolerable.

What you felt/saw post procedure: Straight after the treatment my face felt hot like sunburn and I had some skin redness, the day after the treatment most of the redness had gone however all my freckles and sunspots looked darker almost black, it looked like I had rubbed tea leaves all over my face, this took about 5-7 days to clear. I found it quiet easy to cover it up with make-up.

Results: After my skin cleared it looked much more even. I even noticed my pores looked smaller. I think I will need a few more treatments for my capillaries and a couple of sunspots but I am very impressed so far.

Recommendations: Use the ice that they give you after the treatment it helped that sunburn feeling go away.

By N




Why you chose this procedure? To increase volume and give me a fuller pout. To stop lipstick bleeding. I wanted a defined shape to my lips and give me more definition and improve the side profile.

What you did to get ready for procedure? I started taking Arnica pillules the night before every four hours to minimize swelling and bruising.

What you felt during the procedure: When the local anaesthetic was injected I felt a slight stinging sensation. The entire area began to fell numb. I could slightly feel the practitioner working in the area though I did not experience any discomfort. The procedure was not a long procedure.

What you felt/saw post procedure:
I still felt numb and my lips were slightly swollen. As the night progressed the area began to feel a little tender. The next morning I noticed the swelling had gone down a lot and I had developed a small bruise in the area. I continued to take Arnica and applied Arnica Cream which assisted in reducing the severity and duration of the bruising.

Results: I’m very happy with my results from this treatment. It met my expectations in achieving definition and volume giving me a fuller pout. I now no longer get lip stick bleeding and I feel my face is more balanced.

Recommendations: I would recommend this treatment to anyone who is aiming for the same results as I was. I can’t imagine not having filler in my lips.

By: T





I chose this procedure because I had some stubborn areas of fat, despite doing regular exercise and generally good dieting I was still finding it hard to moves these stubborn areas of fat.


I had to have a consultation with Dr Murray, I read the theatre pack I was sent which contained instructions on pre and post operative surgery care. I had some blood tests taken and filled the prescriptions I was sent. I began taking my antibiotics the night before my procedure.


I didn’t feel anything during the procedure, infact I remember very little about the procedure and when I was at the clinic and when I went home when my carer came to pick me up.


The day following my procedure I returned to the clinic where a nurse changed my dressings. I was then able to go home and with the assistance of my husband I was able to have a shower. The areas I had treated felt sore , it felt very similar to the feeling you get when you over exercise, I wouldn’t say it was painful, it was more sore. I had some bruising to the areas I had treated which disappeared within a week or so.


I didn’t really see any results for a couple of weeks as I had bruising and swelling. I started to see more of a result about 1 month after my procedure. It has been 3 months since my procedure and I can see a real improvement to the areas I had treated. I am very happy.


I would recommend that you read the theatre pack they send out to you, this gives you sufficient information with regards to pre and post operative care guidelines. I found it very informative. I would also recommend preparing yourself in regards to expectations; it does take about a month to start to see results and improves more over time.

By: N




Why you chose this procedure? I chose to have a Microdermabrasion because I have very problematic skin that breaks out a lot.

What you did to get ready for procedure? I avoided forms of skin exfoliating for a couple of weeks prior as instructed at the initial consultation.

What you felt during the procedure: The treatment felt slightly abrasive and I could feel the suction as well, there was no discomfort it felt unusual if anything.

What you felt/saw post procedure:
My skin felt a bit warm after the treatment and my skin looked pink, this settled within an hour after my treatment.

Results: Initially I got a small breakout on my chin, however it settled within a couple of days and the rest of my skin felt very smooth and refreshed.

Recommendations: I purchased the products recommended at the time of my treatment which I feel has helped to maintain my skin healthy.

By N





My name is Fiona, I am 54-years-old, and I work at Absolute Cosmetic Medicine in Nedlands, WA.

I have Type 1 skin type. I always burn – even in winter – and never tan. I have received sunburn from reflected sunlight. In other words, I have very sensitive skin.

My skin regime has always been simple.

I cleanse with Cetaphil and apply Cetaphil moisturiser and invisible zinc in the morning, and Vitamin C and Cetaphil at night.

From my time at Absolute, I have been impressed with the results of Erbium and Pixel laser treatments that patients have received.

I have had Pixel treatment, and was impressed with the results of that one treatment. I was scheduled for a second treatment, until Dr Murray suggested I wait until he had purchased the CO2 DOT laser.

NOTE: I have already undergone a Pixel laser treatment, so the doctors had prior knowledge of how my skin would react to laser.

For most patients, a test patch is required before treating an area – especially the whole face.


I had wrinkle relaxer injected to forehead, frown and crows feet. I didn’t want the new skin forming to be compromised by my frowning, so took the precaution of wrinkle-relaxer injections to help get the best results possible. Wrinkle relaxers, if wanted, should be administered no less than 2 weeks prior to treatment.

It is very important that you stay out of the sun for 2 weeks prior to treatment and apply a good sun protection, regardless of sun exposure every day.

Some skin types are prone to pigmentation, so all care needs to be taken to reduce this possibility.


I applied numbing cream for 30 minutes before treatment. Length of time is important, as you would like the process to be as comfortable as possible.

The treatment itself was relatively pain less. Obviously, there are areas which are naturally more sensitive than others like upper lip and under eyes. The treatment on the rest of my face was pain less.


I applied ice to my face for 20 minutes after the treatment. This is very important as it stops the ‘heat-sink’ from the treated area.

I then cleansed with saline and applied Dermeze cream.

My face felt hot – like bad sunburn, but not too uncomfortable.


I slept elevated on 3 pillows. I covered the pillow with a towel to prevent cream from spoiling the pillow.

My face felt uncomfortable because it was hot (extreme sunburn feeling). Taking 2x Panadeine every 6 hours help considerably.

I cleansed my face with saline and gauze swabs and then applied Dermeze cream four times during the day. I did re-apply once during the night as my face started to feel dry.

HAND HYGIENE: I washed my hands all the time. This part is really important.  Don’t touch your face without first having washed your hands. If in doubt just wash your hands.


My face started to itch at this stage, which I found a bit irritating. Cleansing and applying Dermeze cream helped relieve the itching.

Dr Murray prescribed Claratyne, which also helped to relieve those symptoms.


I took two days off work as my face was starting to peel and the new skin underneath was quite sensitive. Being a nurse, I sometimes need to wear a mask, which I found irritated my skin.

I cleansed every 3 hours and made sure that my entire face was liberally covered with Dermeze.

I continued with the Claratyne and Panadeine and Dr Murray suggested 10 mg of Prednisolone to ease the itching, which for me was the most uncomfortable part of the treatment.


Improving every day. Still red, but my skin is looking fantastic! Smooth and very soft.


Obviously the healing process is not complete. Due to my skin type, my face will be red for a couple more weeks, but even now at day seven everyone is noticing how fresh my skin is looking.

I am looking forward to the Christmas break because Dr Murray will treat my hands, neck and chest.

So, watch this space.




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