Lipo (fat) Dissolve


Lipo dissolve is also known as non invasive fat injections or non-surgical liposuction. It’s a great treatment that helps to dissolve fat in common stubborn ‘fatty’ areas, taking 1-2, sometimes 3 treatments for results. It is a variation of the original Mesotherapy, which was used for sporting injuries and was noted that the areas surrounding the sports injury were becoming slimmer as they were been treated.

Lipo dissolve also helps to improve stretch marks, cellulite and loose skin. From further investigation, differing compounds were noted to affect or treat different additions. It made sense if AHA creams improve the skin quality then injecting these would improve it even further.

In the fat dissolving technique, Pcholine is used in a specialised formula for stubborn pockets of fat and has been especially effective in the area under the chin. Other compounds can be used for in the treatment of cellulite, stretch marks and for skin rejuvenation. See our before and after photos below.

Lipo (fat) Dissolve – Inner Thigh

Case #2143 – After One Treatment

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