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September 30, 2016
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What to Consider When Choosing Your Breast Implants
October 9, 2016
Perth Breast Implants

Pure Brazilian Implants

Hi Dr Murray here from Absolute Cosmetic Medicine.
I’m here today to talk to you about Perth breast implants and more specifically the new Brazilian breast implants. These are the average type of implants that we use or the usual ones we use. They are smooth and they have got cohesive gel in them.
Very important to get cohesive gel type implants. When they are cut or ruptured, you can see that they do not leak and are not fluid.
So it is a sticky gel and this means it does not spread through your body if you have a problem.
As you are probably aware, there were problems with cheap implants being imported into the country and they still use quite a lot overseas.

They can rupture more often and when they do rupture it can leak into the body. And they will have to be taken out quite urgently.
So paying money for good quality implants is worth it.

The new Brazilian implants are generally round but you can get them in all different shapes.
It is also covered in polyurethane.
Pure furry Brazilian implants have been used for over 20 years in some countries with very few problems.

Capsular Contracture

But probably the big advantage with new Brazilian implants is the lower rate of capsular contracture.

This happens when a breast implant goes into the body it is covered in scar tissue.
Very light scar tissue that holds the breast implant in place.

This is great because you do not want them to move.
The problem with the scar tissue is thick and cause the implant to become a poor shape and it also can be painful. It can even go blue at sometimes and can get very hard.

So that what happens is that it contracts the capsule back.

Now with the polyurethane implants, it blends in with the capsule. In most cases, it avoids the capsule forming and becoming very thick which blends in the capsule.

So that is the biggest advantage of polyurethane implants, is that it has low rate of capsular contracture.
We have a low rate of capsular contracture at Absolute Cosmetic Medicine.

Tear Drop or Natural Implants

Another advantage of polyurethane implants is that you can use a tear drop or also called the natural implant.
A lot of people prefer these because they look a lot more natural in the chest.
The problem with using natural implants is that the smooth implants can turn as it has been reported that 3-8% of natural implants or tear drop implants do turn.

That is obviously a nuisance because you have a perfectly good implant but it looks funny. Then you would have to come back and take it out to put in a round smooth one.
These are made so that when you hold them up they make a tear drop shape, which is a very clever idea but some people still prefer the fixed over the tear drop shape.

These are great because when they go in, they stick to the chest and they do not turn.
As with anything, nothing is perfect and I am sure that there would be one person in the world somewhere that will have an implant that turns. But on average, this is the only type of tear drop implant to use, because they stick.

I call these the sticky implants.

One of the other advantage with these as well is that once they stick to the chest wall they do not move and they also stick to the breast tissue. So the breast tissue over time does not become floppy and does fall down and what we call ptosis. So the furry Brazilian implants will stick to the chest wall and not move or turn.

Also, the breast tissue does not get as floppy or fall away from the breast.

Long Tear Drop Implants

Another one of the shapes that are made is a long tear drop implant.
What this is, that it is high and long. So if you got a long chest and your breasts ride low on your chest, this will blend in and make your chest not look as long and make the breast not as floppy. This implant is great for women with long chests.

Conical Implants

The last type of implant is a conical implant.
Conical implants can be used for women with floppy breasts because they are very long and they help elevate the breast.
Conical implants are quite good to consider if you would avoid a mastopexy.

Although you must be aware that mastopexy or breast lifts are needed in some patients.

Summary of Breast Implants

So that’s the different type of implants, Smooth Round, All Cohesive Gel, Polyurethane Round, a Polyurethane Tear Drop Implant or Natural Implant, The Enhanced Long Tall Implant and the Advanced Polyurethane Implants or Conical Implants and gives the breast more lift.

If you would like to know any more information about any of the above we have discussed,

Please call us on (08) 9389 9099 or click here for an appointment.

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