Nurse Kate’s Skincare Regime

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Skincare at Absolute Cosmetic

Meet Kate our Cosmetic Nurse who is based at our Joondalup clinic. She specialises in Cosmetic injectables and has a wealth of knowledge in Dermal treatments and skincare. Kate has a Bachelor in Science (Nursing), Graduate certificate in Clinical Nursing and a Graduate Diploma of Cosmetic Nursing. She has been with Absolute for 2 years and has a passion for aesthetics.

Find out about Kate’s skincare regime below

Kate, what is you main skin concern?

Before starting at Absolute my main skin care concerns were dry spots on my cheeks that I could never get rid of no matter how much moisturizer I was using, as well as an oily T-zone.

What is your main skincare regimen?

I believe that if your skincare regimen is simple you are more likely to stick to it. If you are using good quality skin care there is no need to have 10 steps in the morning and 10 at night as I find it get’s too confusing for my patients and they are less likely to use the products I prescribe for them.

Skincare at Absolute CosmeticMorning Routine:
I don’t cleanse in the morning
Obagi 20% vitamin C serum
Rationale B3T Superfluid with SPF 50+

Night Routine:
Rationale Catalyst cleanser (double cleanse)
Rationale Catalyst gel Creme
Rationale DNA night cream with vitamin A
Every 3 days I alternate between Rationale Catalyst Serum and Revision Finishing touch

Why did you choose this combination of skin care? 

The most 3 most important ingredients in skin care I have found are AHA’s, Vitamin C and Vitamin A. If you have a combination of these three in your skin care regimen you will have the perfect balance for exfoliation and anti-ageing.

The Rationale B3T has factor 50+ which is lightweight and doesn’t increase the oil on my skin so is perfect before I put my foundation on. Even thought I’m not actively seeking the sun it’s important to make sure you are wearing SPF everyday on top of your foundation even if it do have SPF incorporated into it.

I incorporated Obagi Vitamin C to decrease my pigmentation and to prevent any further from forming.

The combination of the Rationale Catalyst range was included in my regime as they all contain AHA’s which was great for the exfoliation of my dry spots and decreasing my oil production in my T-zone.

My final product I use at night is the Rationale DNA night cream. This night cream contains 3 forms of vitamin A which is vital for anti-ageing.

I use the Rationale Catalyst Serum and Revision Finishing Touch every 3 nights alternately as the Rationale Catalyst serum has high strength AHA’s which is vital for hydration and redefining pore size. When using the Rationale Catalyst Serum I put this on after cleansing. This product can tingle for about 15 seconds, this is related to the high acid content in the product. Hence why it isn’t applied every night. The revision is an exfoliating scrub which leaves my skin feeling silky soft, I use this in the shower after cleansing.

This regimen isn’t for everyone, I use a lot of active skin care ingredients everyday. It’s best to slowly introduce one active skin care ingredient first then once you skin has become accustomed to it you can start to add others. It’s best to get a professional opinion before adding active skin care ingredients to you skin care routine.

What is your favourite Medispa treatment and why?

My favourite treatment would have to be the Clear + Brilliant laser. It is a light fractional laser with no down-time. I usually have this treatment after work, my skin will be red for a couple of hours after. The redness for me disappears by the morning. By having this treatment you skin care will be able to penetrate into the deeper layers of your skin. This treatment stimulates collagen and will leave your skin glowing and extremely hydrated. Sometimes you can feel your skin looking and feeling dull, the Clear + Brilliant laser is a great way to treat these issues. I usually to have this treatment every 3-6 months.


If you would like more information on skin care, our Dermal Therapists offer complimentary skin consultations where they will recommend treatments and products that will address your skin concerns.  You can also complement this with a nutrition consultation to treat your skin from the inside out.

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