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Multi-award-winning clinics, led by Medical Director Dr. Glenn Murray and Director of Nursing Stephanie Murray, bring over two decades of dedicated full-time experience in aesthetic medicine. Here at Absolute Cosmetic Medicine, we pride ourselves on cultivating the most experienced nurses in WA and greater Australia. Dr Murray and our senior injecting team take careful consideration in ensuring the right fit to meet the highest standards for our cosmetic practice.

Patient safety is our top priority during and after treatment, and our nursing team attends multiple, in-depth training sessions supervised by our master injectors. We strive for our trainee injectors to feel educated, qualified, and confident enough to treat patients with varied needs and aesthetic goals. We believe the attention to detail and dedication to understanding and valuing the needs of our nurses lead to our high retention of staff and patients. The team at Absolute Cosmetic Medicine uphold a warm and welcoming environment for both staff and patients, with genuine care and compassion.

Over the 20+ years of Absolute Cosmetic Medicine, Dr Murray has interviewed thousands of nurses and was shocked by the number of nurses who were not adequately educated on anatomy, cosmetic products, or legalities surrounding the industry. He noticed a distinct lack of basic knowledge from nurses who were seeking employment after completing non-certified courses or had left other clinics with little-to-no knowledge on injecting techniques and post-treatment aftercare. Dr Murray was also left astounded by the speed at which these nurses were rushed through their training and education, leaving them terrified by cosmetics and injecting. They had minimum support and were unaware of risks, risk management and the requirement for insurance.

Dr Murray sought to create a learning academy to rectify these issues and concerns within the industry, and to set a new benchmark for budding and experienced cosmetic injectors. He is available 24/7 to assist the nursing staff and believes no question or concern is ‘silly’ or ‘unnecessary’- he prefers to be contacted, no matter the situation, than not. He ensures to always answer staff promptly and, in a kind, and understanding manner. Dr Murray supports each nurse and is consistently eager to further educate them on any area that are struggling, or not confident with.

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Our nurses undergo multiple and rigorous training sessions on clinic-specific equipment, treatments and procedures by certified trainers and master injectors. Our trainers at Absolute Cosmetic are senior nurses/master injectors with over 20 years of injecting experience within the company, who have worked closely alongside Dr Murray and Senior Nurse Stephanie. Training for trainee injectors is never rushed, as safety and education are paramount. We believe it’s imperative for injectors to be confident in their ability to perform aesthetic treatments before injecting unsupervised.

Our nurses commence their careers at Absolute Cosmetic Medicine by shadowing our advanced nurses to gain an understanding of how various treatments are administered prior to performing physical training. We find this betters our nurses’ understanding as they can be present during the consultation with the patient when the treatment is being carried out. At Absolute Cosmetic, we believe in honesty, discretion and will never offer a treatment to an individual that is not suitable.

Reviews are performed annually, and individual training schedules are then created to ensure all our nurses are progressing further in their treatment training. We listen to our team members and ensure that they are given all the tools needed to ensure their success.



Our nurses are consistently undergoing further training and professional development, with various training sessions and masterclasses throughout the year. We strive to provide the most up-to-date treatments with patient safety and satisfaction at the forefront. Along with these training sessions, Dr Murray continuously quizzes our nurses on anatomy and is always happy to provide further education if he deems it necessary, whether that be with him, Nurse Stephanie or one of our other most senior nurses.

Our practice stands out for its thorough and supportive training programs, commitment to continuous education, and a culture that prioritises the safety and well-being of both staff and patients.

Join us to experience the difference that our dedication to excellence makes.


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