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Know the Risks of Travelling for Cosmetic Surgery

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Think twice before jetting off on an overseas or interstate cosmetic surgery ‘holiday’ and putting your health in the hands of your travel agent.

Absolute Cosmetic Medicine can offer a qualified second opinion and provide comprehensive information so you can compare the costs and make an informed decision about your cosmetic surgery procedure.

While the sound of a cheap surgical makeover abroad before relaxing pool-side to recover may sound appealing, the real costs to your purse and health may be much higher than you anticipated.

These days the risk is not only overseas but also here in Australia.

There have been a number of news topics in the media, with cosmetic clinics in Australia offering low-cost breast augmentations. In the past 18 months, it has been reported that these clinics have allegedly had 4 different patients suffer cardiac arrests while undergoing breast augmentation surgery due to a toxic overdose of local anaesthetic.

It is imperative that whilst undergoing this kind of procedure, that a dedicated Anaesthetist is available throughout the sedation period, to ensure your Absolute safety.

Dr Murray has performed over 10,000 procedures using a local anaesthetic and has never suffered a toxicity reaction. Training, experience and your life are more important than cheap dodgy surgery.

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Reduce Your Risk

All surgery carries risk no matter where it is performed, but those risks are increased in countries where medical and health regulations are not as stringent as in Australia.

Increased chances of infection in tropical environments, implants and products that haven’t gone through the same rigorous approval process as Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) and the risk of post-operative deep vein thrombosis on the flight home can all be potentially life-threatening.

Follow up revisions and corrections can also add significant costs, as would return overseas travel to see your surgeon.

Despite regular warnings from medical professionals and other organisations, Australians continue to risk their health with travel overseas for ‘cheap’ cosmetic surgery holidays.

Get a Face-to-Face Consultation

Cosmetic surgery overseas is not as carefully regulated as in Australia. There’s much less face-to-face consultation to explain an operation and ensure informed decisions are made.

It’s in your best interests to find out as much information about your procedure as possible and ask your doctor any questions, including their qualifications and experience before you proceed.

Find out more about why you should avoid cheap cosmetic surgery holidays or get a second opinion on your planned procedure. Book a consultation or contact us for more information.

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