For Urgent or Semi-Urgent Concerns: 

Please be aware that our after-hours on-call phone number is for urgent or semi-urgent concerns only, and reserved exclusively for Absolute Cosmetic patients.
For patients who have had treatments elsewhere and experienced complications, we recommend contacting your treating practitioner’s after-hour number for further assistance. However, if they are unavailable or unable to assist you with your concern, we are willing to assist you (please note, a fee starting from $180 will be incurred for this service).
All emergencies of a non-cosmetic nature should be seen by an emergency department or by calling 000.
For Non- Urgent Concerns: 
All non-urgent routine photos or queries should be sent via email to
In some cases and only when directed by the Absolute Cosmetic team, photos may be sent directly to Dr. Murray’s mobile but only during office hours – Monday to Friday (9:00-5:00 pm).