AGNES Radio-Frequency Acne Ablation

AGNES Radio-Frequency Acne Ablation is a targeted, permanent fix for acne that could spare you the need for oral medication that can cause gastrointestinal or mucosal side effects commonly associated with the antibiotics or oral retins used in acne treatment.

Conceived by Korean dermatologists, the AGNES Acne Treatment can provide a permanent improvement to acne breakouts without the side effects of anti-acne drug therapy. The Agnes machine has specially designed needles with measured depths to target the structures in the skin causing the problem. The needles have an insulating coating, also engineered to a precise depth, to protect other structures in the skin and also the epidermis. The coating means sufficient power can be delivered to the target tissue while causing minimal effects to other areas. The machine has also exact control over pulse duration and power. These factors mean little downtime or risk of pigment changes.

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Targeted areas

Any area affected by acne.

Procedure Information

Procedure Type

Non Surgical


From $880

AGNES Radio Frequency Acne Treatment

Agnes RF is an excellent treatment for active acne with pimples, cysts, comedones, or large pores. AGNES RF is also used to improve dermal health, including treatment for under-eye bags, facial contouring (non-surgical facelift), periorbital wrinkles, drooping jowls, and volume reduction of the chin and buccal fat.

Each session takes approximately 30 – 60 minutes.

Who is suitable for the treatment?

Those with stubborn, chronic acne, active acne with pimples, cystic acne, comedones, post-inflammatory erythema (red spots), Atrophic acne scars (ice pick, box, rolling) or large pores may be candidates for treatment. Suitability for treatment is determined through a consultation. Make an appointment with Dr Syed to determine if AGNES is the proper treatment for you.

AGNES Radio Frequency Acne treatment cost

The cost of the AGNES Radio Frequency Acne Treatment starts at $880 for a full-face.


If you would like to assess your suitability for this treatment and obtain a final costing, we recommend that you book a consultation with one of our Doctors; the cost of this appointment is $150.00 (partially claimable through Medicare).

Please note that all new patients must pay the consultation fee at the time of booking to secure their appointment.

Who performs the treatment?

The treatment is performed by our Cosmetic Physician, Dr David Syed.


How many treatments are required?

2-3 sessions, may be required depending on the severity of the condition. Usually, it is advised to have a time gap for about 1-2 months before the secondary treatment. A third treatment is required when acne reoccurs after a few months. For severe conditions, it may be recommended to have the second treatment over the span of 3 to 4 weeks.

Expected AGNES Radio Frequency results

The area of the skin will improve over the course of a number of sessions. After the treatment, there are slim chances of pimples forming again in the treated follicles. The number of new lesions will then reduce over time and over a number of treatments. Pimples don’t form again in treated follicles.


How can we help?

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