AQUAPURE II combines both wet and dry dermabrasion, micro-needling and LED, in a single treatment that is tailored to you. Available at our newest clinic in Westfield Innaloo, Raine Square and Applecross. The Aquapure delivers a boost of exfoliating and antioxidant ingredients that penetrate deeply into the epidermis, allowing for effective results in hydration, elasticity and collagen boosting.

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Common names

Dermal Hydro Facial

Targeted areas

Fine lines, UV-induced skin damage, Problematic skin, Elasticity and Firmness, Skin tone and Hyper-pigmentation, Skin texture, Enlarged pores, Oily and Congested skin

Procedure Information

Procedure Type

Non Surgical




Increased skin hydration, improved skin elasticity, collagen regeneration


While immediate results can be noticed post treatments (such as glowing and hydrated skin), gradual improvements will be noticed when new collagen is produced. Commonly it may take up to three treatments for changes to manifest. Depending on your concerns, we recommend a course of 6-8 treatments for optimal results.

Recovery Time

No recovery time is required for this procedure.

Treatable Area's


How does it work?

AQUAPURE II is a multifunctional facial device, which combines a microdermabrasion system which also delivers a solution of products for optimal cleansing and exfoliating effects. Additionally the AQUAPURE includes micro needling and LED therapy targeting a variety of skin concerns.

What is involved?

Each AQUAPURE treatment is tailored to your unique skin type, concerns and goals, at the time of your appointment. This can mean that the steps involved in any treatment, can vary, depending on the above factors.

The general breakdown of an AQUAPURE II will look like this –

Step 1 – Diamond Peel

Removes dead skin cells to assist in improved tone and texture, while also supplying nutrients deep into the epidermis.

Step 2 – A-D Peel

Cleanses pores, delivering moisturising agents into the skin.

Step 3 – MF Needling

Creating microscopic holes in the epidermis, the micro needling hand-piece assists in providing nutrients deep into the skin. This step helps to improve skins elasticity through epidermal remodelling.

Step 4 – Lightpure

The last step in the Aquapure uses an LED light piece which promotes blood circulation, improving overall complexion. Additionally, the affects of the lightpure can help fight inflammation responses.

Depending on the skin needs red, green or blue LED lights are used which will assist with increasing blood circulation, producing a calming and soothing effect, healing and repair as well as anti-inflammatory effects.

Benefits of LED Light Therapy 

LED Light Therapy is a non-invasive treatment that can help to improve skin conditions such as ageing, eczema, rosacea, fine lines, wrinkles, lack of hydration, acne, and improve overall skin quality.
The AquaPure II can be set to specific colours to target different layers of the skin to assist with improving multiple concerns.

Red is suitable for all skin types and helps to rejuvenate the skin, increasing collagen production, accelerating healing, and increasing blood flow. Blue inhibits the bacteria responsible for acne, therefore helping to reduce it

LED Light facial treatments are also very effective as a partnering post-treatment with any of our other services in order to calm the skin and/or rejuvenate it.

Are you a good candidate?

The AQUAPURE II is suitable for most skin types, due to the treatment’s non-invasive nature. Those seeking glowing, radiant and clean skin are almost always a perfect candidate for the AQUAPURE II!

What preparation or downtime is required?

Before: No special requirements are necessary before an AQUAPURE II treatment. We do encourage you to come make-up free to your appointment, however this is not essential if you are unable to. Your practitioner will cleanse your skin prior to treatment, to help prepare your skin.

After: Post-treatment, we recommend avoiding make-up for 24-hours and ensure the application of sunscreen, ideally an SPF-50.

Sauna’s and strenuous exercise should be avoided for at least 5-day post treatment.

Why choose Absolute Cosmetic for you AquaPure treatment?

  • Absolute Cosmetic has a long history of quality service in the cosmetic treatments industry.
  • Our professionals use only top-of-the-range products and technologies to ensure quick results and continued skin rejuvenation in the long-term.
  • In addition, our practitioners are highly experienced in dermal therapy and trained with the latest procedures.
"Absolute Cosmetic is one of the most experienced cosmetic clinics in Western Australia with over 20 years of full-time experience."

How can we help?

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