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Breast Augmentation Perth

Breast Augmentation is a surgical procedure that can be used to increase the size of the breasts, enhance breast shape, correct uneven breasts and correct slight sagging.

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What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast Augmentation involves the precise placement of implants to enhance breast size, improve shape, and correct any unevenness or drooping. This surgical procedure, also referred to as breast augmentation mammoplasty, includes the insertion of the implant behind the breast tissue through an incision made underneath the breast.

Before proceeding with Breast Augmentation surgery, it’s crucial to carefully weigh various aspects. This process involves assessing the pros and cons of different implant types, deciding the ideal size of the implant, and choosing a suitable method for insertion. Patients often inquire about the lifespan of their breast implants. The longevity largely depends on the implant’s quality and type; however, it is recommended to have an annual breast examination and contemplate implant replacement after 10 years.

At Absolute Cosmetic Perth, we are pleased to provide top-quality German Polytech breast implants and the cutting-edge 6th Generation ergonomic implants by Motiva.

Common names

Breast Enhancement, Breast Enlargement, Breast Implants, Breast Augmentation, Breast Implant Surgery, Boob Job, or Enlargement of the Breasts

Targeted areas



Please be aware that you must have a GP referral before booking a consultation with Dr Murray.

Procedure Information

Procedure Type



From $7,999

*excluding theatre fee, anesthetist fee, post-surgical garments, post operative medications. An all-inclusive fee will be discussed at time of consultation with Dr Murray.

Payment Options

Absolute Cosmetic offers multiple payment options including, and not limited to; Cash, Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard etc) and AfterPay.

What brand of breast implants do we use?

Selecting an implant of superior quality is crucial, considering it will be a part of your body for many years. Dr. Murray opts for the use of high-quality German Polytech breast implants and the advanced 6th Generation ergonomic implants from Motiva, for the best outcome and longevity for his patients.

Consultation Process

In accordance with AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency) protocol, it is a prerequisite to obtain a GP referral for all cosmetic surgical procedures before scheduling a consultation with Dr. Glenn Murray. Additionally, a Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) questionnaire will need to be completed to assess your suitability for the procedure. To facilitate informed discussions and address any questions you may have, informational videos will be sent to your designated email prior to your meeting with Dr. Murray.

360 CC, Mesmo, Dual Plane Placement. Before and 1 month after.

Breast augmentation surgery Perth

315 CC, High Profile, Dual Plane Placement. Before and 1 year after.

315 CC, High Profile, Dual Plane Placement. Before and 1 year after.

Breast implant surgery before and after

400 CC, High Profile, Dual Plane Placement. Before and 1 month after.

Breast Implant Surgery Perth

360 CC, High Profile, Dual Plane Placement. Before and 1 year after.

breast augmentation surgery before and after perth

485 CC, Extra High Profile, Dual Plane Placement. Before and 5 weeks after.

Breast Implant Surgery Perth Before and After by Dr Glenn Murray

485 CC, Dual Plane Placement. Before and 1 month after.

Breast Augmentation - Perth Before and After by Dr Glenn Murray

315 CC, Mesmo Dual Plane Placement. Before and 1 month after.

Before and After Breast Augmentation Perth by Dr Glenn Murray

450 CC, High Profile, Dual Plane Placement. Before and 1 month after.

Breast Implant Surgery Perth Before and After by Doctor Glenn Murray

430 CC, Extra High Profile, Dual Plane Placement. Before and 1 year after.

Breast Augmentation Perth by Dr Glenn Murray

430 CC, Extra High Profile, Dual Plane Placement.

Breast Augmentation Perth by Dr Glenn Murray

485 CC, Extra High Profile, Dual Plane Placement

Breast Augmentation Perth by Dr Glenn Murray

400 CC, High Profile, Dual Plane Placement.

Breast Augmentation Perth by Dr Glenn Murray

610 CC, Dual Plane Placement.

Breast Augmentation Perth by Dr Glenn Murray

380 CC, Extra High Profile, Dual Plane Placement.

Breast implants Perth- before-after

360 CC, Dual Plane Placement. Before and 1 month after.

Breast Implant Surgery Perth WA

Breast Implant Removal and Replacement. 485 CC, Extra High.

Breast Implant by Dr Glenn Murray, Perth

380 CC, Round, Dual Plane Placement.

Breast Augmentation Perth by Dr Glenn Murray

360 CC, High Profile, Dual Plane Grade II.

Breast Augmentation Perth by Dr Glenn Murray

400 CC, Round High Profile, Sub Fascial.

Breast Implants Perth by Dr Glenn Murray

430 CC, Extra High Profile, Dual Plane Grade II.

Breast Augmentation Perth by Dr Glenn Murray

380 CC, Extra High Profile, Subfascial, Mesmo Lightly Textured.

Breast Augmentation Perth by Dr Glenn Murray

315 CC, High Profile, Dual Plane Grade II, Round.

Breast Augmentation Perth by Dr Glenn Murray

430 CC, High Profile, Dual Plane Grade II.

Breast Implants Perth by Dr Glenn Murray

360 CC, High Profile, Dual Plane Grade II.

Breast Augmentation Perth by Dr Glenn Murray

315 CC, Subfascial, Smooth.

Breast Augmentation Perth by Dr Glenn Murray

Right: 360 CC, High Profile. Left: 380 CC, Extra High Profile. Dual Plane Grade II.

Breast Augmentation Perth by Dr Glenn Murray

380 CC, Extra High Profile, Dual Plane Grade II, Polyurethane.

Breast Implants Perth by Dr Glenn Murray

360 CC, High Profile, Dual Plane Grade II.

Breast Augmentation performed by Dr Glenn Murray Perth

380 CC, High Profile, Subfascial.

Breast Implant Repair Perth by Dr Glenn Murray

BREAST REPAIR: 430 CC, Extra High Profile, Subfascial, Polyurethane.

Breast Augmentation and repair Perth by Dr Glenn Murray

380 CC, Extra High Profile, Dual Plane Grade II. *Difficult Case - Tubular Repair.

Breast Implants Perth by Dr Glenn Murray

380 CC, Extra High Profile, Dual Plane Grade II.

Breast Augmentation Perth by Dr Glenn Murray

315 CC, High Profile, Dual Plane Grade II.

Breast Augmentation Surgery & Breast Implant Options:

Breast Implant Placement

The subglandular technique, also referred to as above-the-muscle placement, involves positioning the implant between the breast tissue and the chest muscle. This method has gained increased popularity due to its reduced postoperative discomfort for patients and a lower incidence of complications. Some concerns associated with newer implants have become less prominent with this technique.

The subfascial technique involves elevating the layer covering the outer surface of the chest muscle and placing the breast implants in the space created.

Submuscular technique, or under-the-muscle placement, entails implant positioning below the pectoralis major chest muscle. While historically popular, this approach has seen a decline in preference, attributed to perceived higher complications, risks and a comparatively slower recovery.

The dual-plane technique combines aspects of both submuscular and sub glandular techniques. The upper portion of the breast implant is submuscular, residing in a pocket beneath the chest muscle, while only the breast tissue covers the lower part of the implant. This method has gained substantial popularity, and a preferred method adopted by Dr Murray.


Breast Implant Shape

At Absolute Cosmetic Medicine in Perth, our preference lies in the utilization of Round or Motiva Ergonomic implants. We favor round implants over teardrop implants due to their characteristic of maintaining breast shape integrity even in the event of rotation, avoiding any distortion that may occur with teardrop implants.

Motiva Ergonomix implants are specifically engineered to emulate the natural movement of a breast, preserving a round shape when lying down and seamlessly adopting a teardrop shape for a natural appearance when in an upright position.

To provide our patients with a comprehensive understanding of the available options, we offer samples encompassing diverse shapes, textures, and sizes of implants during consultation sessions with Dr Murray.

Breast Implant Texture: Smooth, SmoothSilk, Mesmo or PolyTxt

At Absolute Cosmetic, our recommended implant options include Smooth, SmoothSilk (also known as Silksurface), Mesmo, or Polytxt implants. Smooth implants feature a smooth surface, Mesmo implants have a micro texture, and Polytxt implants are moderately textured. SmoothSilk or SilkSurface, identified as the 6th generation of implants, boasts a nanosurface that is meticulously crafted without the use of sugar, salt, or any other foreign substances.

It is noteworthy that the implants we utilize have not faced bans in any region due to the risk of Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL), despite the recent suspension of certain implants in parts of Europe by the TGA.

The Mesmo and Polytxt implants offer several advantages, with their lightly or moderately textured surfaces contributing to a subtle lift in breast appearance. At Absolute Cosmetic, we maintain a breast augmentation capsular contracture rate of less than 1 percent. These implants, particularly the lightly and moderately textured ones, have demonstrated favorable outcomes for patients with mild breast ptosis, providing a lasting position and minimizing the need for additional lifts. It is essential to note that while these implants contribute to improved breast position, they do not replicate the effects of a traditional breast lift procedure.

Textured implants, known to cause localized swelling and lymphoma cells, have been associated with risks, leading to the suspension of Grade 4 Textured implants. Consequently, we have chosen to exclude such implants from our selection.

Our preference leans towards smooth implants for individuals with mild breast sagging and Mesmo or Polytxt implants for those with more pronounced sagging, a family history of such conditions, or a previous history of capsular contracture. It is crucial to acknowledge that opinions may vary on these considerations.

Furthermore, our chosen implants are filled with a cohesive silicone gel rather than saline. This cohesive gel ensures that the implant’s integrity is maintained even in the unlikely event of rupture, offering an added layer of safety.

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Why choose the Above the Muscle Placement for Breast Implants?

Opting to position the implant above the muscle may result in a less painful experience compared to other techniques. This approach can lead to a smoother recovery, as it avoids disturbing the underlying muscle tissue. Moreover, this method significantly lowers the risk of complications like ‘double bubble’ and implant displacement. In cases where ‘double bubble’ occurs, a common solution is to adjust the implant’s placement to above the muscle. Many surgeons believe this method is less invasive to the muscle, addressing concerns about potential muscle atrophy and strength loss in some situations.*

*Be aware that recovery is an individualised journey. Every patient’s experience with surgery and recovery is unique, and the level of discomfort or ease during the recovery process can vary widely. Factors such as individual pain tolerance, body response, and healing capacity play a significant role in this variation. Recognizing this, our team is committed to providing personalized care and support throughout the recovery period. We understand the importance of individualized attention and are here to assist in every step of the recovery journey, ensuring that each patient receives the guidance and support they need to heal comfortably and effectively.

Why choose the Dual Plane Placement for Breast Implants?

In our assessment, the dual-plane procedure has surpassed the submuscular method in preference. It combines the advantages of submuscular placement with fewer associated concerns, making it the favoured choice, particularly for very slim or petite patients lacking significant breast tissue.

Issues such as ‘double bubble’ and bottoming out are less prevalent with the dual-plane technique, given that the muscle exerts less pressure on the implant. Additionally, concerns related to wide cleavage are minimized.

The dual-plane placement encompasses three grades, with grade three proving most effective for individuals with more pronounced breast sagging.

It is crucial to note that opinions on this matter may differ, emphasizing the importance of obtaining a second opinion and being thoroughly informed to make the most suitable choice tailored to individual circumstances.

Why choose Absolute Cosmetic Perth?

  • Absolute was one of the first full-time cosmetic clinics in WA
  • We have performed hundreds of Breast Augmentation, and it is one of our main surgical procedures
  • We have been trained by some of the world’s leading plastic surgeons and experts
  • Dr Murray is the current Chairman of the International Breast Advisory Committee
  • Good physiological care and assessment is a high priority at Absolute Cosmetic
  • We have a 24-hour on-call service to assist you with any concerns after your Breast Enhancement Surgery
  • We have a team of doctors including FRACS and non-FRACS that can be involved in your augmentation
  • We offer a wide range of quality implants, including Motiva Ergonomix implants
  • We can perform the more difficult dual plane procedure

*It’s important to recognize that any cosmetic surgical or invasive procedure comes with inherent risks and the possibility of complications. Therefore, before moving forward, we strongly recommend that you allocate time for thorough research, self-education, and consider seeking a second opinion from a qualified practitioner to make an informed decision.


It is imperative to strictly avoid smoking, vaping, and illicit drug use before, during, and after the procedure. Nicotine consumption during the surgical process heightens the risk of complications, infection, delayed healing, or an unsatisfactory cosmetic outcome. Please note that we maintain a stringent cancellation policy for those who continue to smoke or vape. We advise all patients to cease smoking at least 2 weeks before the procedure and to abstain for 6 weeks following the procedure. Reducing nicotine intake does not diminish the risk of complications; the most substantial health benefit is derived from quitting smoking altogether. We highly recommend and encourage the use of nicotine cessation aids during this period. For more comprehensive information regarding potential complications and guidance on quitting smoking, please refer to this resource.

It is vital to note that if you have smoked within the last 2 weeks, the procedure will be canceled, and payment will not be refunded.

To ensure your readiness for the procedure, being in good health is essential. It’s crucial to avoid blood-thinning medications such as aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, fish oil, green tea, and turmeric leading up to the procedure. Additionally, a blood test should be conducted at least 1 week before the scheduled procedure. A nurse will go through an extensive checklist to ensure that you are well prepared, via a pre-operative call before your procedure day.

On the day of the procedure, fasting is mandatory, meaning you should refrain from consuming food or water for 6 hours prior to your scheduled surgical start time. However, you may take a small sip of water in the morning to consume any pre-surgery medication if necessary. These precautions are taken to optimize your safety and the success of the procedure. All paperwork must be completed before the procedure and will be sighted and signed by your admitting surgical nurse.

What happens on the day of your Perth Breast Augmentation Surgery?


Before arriving for your surgery, make sure to complete all necessary pre-surgical preparations. This includes taking any prescribed pre-operative medications, using a chlorhexidine body wash, conducting a COVID-19 test, and a pregnancy test, as well as adhering to the required fasting guidelines. Upon your arrival, our nursing team will admit you, followed by a final consultation with Dr. Murray and the anaesthetist. After this, you will be requested to change into a surgical gown and TED stockings, and then escorted to our fully-licensed and accredited operating theatre for the procedure.


Following the transition to theatre, you will be connected to monitoring equipment and closely monitored by our nursing team. The anaesthetist will then administer sedation to ensure a level of comfort wherein you will experience no discomfort and have no recollection of the events during the procedure.

The Procedure

During the procedure, the targeted area will be numbed using tumescent local anesthesia, a technique many patients find highly effective. This results in patients waking up completely numb, which contributes to a more comfortable post-operative experience. The duration of the surgery itself ranges between one and three hours, followed by an additional two-hour recovery period.

It’s crucial to arrange for a responsible adult caregiver who will pick you up after the procedure, stay with you overnight, and accompany you to our Nedlands clinic for your Day 1 post-operative review. The discharging nurse will provide your caregiver with all necessary information to ensure your comfort and care throughout the night. This includes the 24/7 urgent contact number, so you or your caregiver can promptly reach out to Dr. Murray if any urgent issues arise. This step is essential to ensure your safety and facilitate a smooth recovery process.

What happens after your Breast Augmentation Surgery?

On the first night after your surgery, it is essential that you rest under the careful supervision of your caregiver. They should accompany you to and from the bathroom, monitoring you for any signs of lightheadedness. In case you feel lightheaded, it’s important to lie down immediately and elevate your legs.

Your caregiver also has the responsibility of administering all your medications. Keep your phone within easy reach, as Dr. Murray will check in with you to ensure both you and your caregiver are managing well. Rest assured, Dr. Murray and our on-call nurse are available throughout the night for assistance.

The next day, you will have a follow-up with our nursing team. This comprehensive review will include a set of observations, a walkthrough of your post-operative care instructions, including dos and don’ts during recovery, and a change of your wound dressing. Dr. Murray will also conduct a review on day 1. All necessary protocols, including those for showering and sleeping, will be discussed in detail.

While it’s advised to be up and moving on the first day, caution is paramount. The initial two weeks should be dedicated to strict rest. This period is not suitable for travel or vacations, as your primary focus should be on recovery and healing.


It’s crucial for you to stay within close proximity to your doctor during the initial 2 to 6 weeks following your procedure. From the 2-week mark, you may resume work, but it’s imperative to avoid lifting anything heavier than 2.5 kilograms.

Your exercise regimen should be gradually reintensified: starting with very light exercises at 2 weeks, transitioning to moderate activities by 4 weeks, and progressing to more comprehensive exercises at 6 weeks, albeit with limitations on upper body movements.

For at least the first 3 months post-surgery, jogging should be avoided. Safer alternatives that are more accommodating for breast health, such as bike riding or stepping exercises, are recommended. Additionally, abstain from sexual activity for the first 2 weeks. Swimming and the use of spas should be deferred until your wounds have completely healed, which typically takes a minimum of 2 weeks.

These recommendations are general guidelines, as healing can vary among patients due to factors such as age, genetics, and lifestyle. Dr. Murray and your nursing team will offer more tailored advice on returning to exercise based on your individual healing process and recovery progress.

For optimal recovery and results, it is strongly advised to completely abstain from smoking, vaping, and the use of illicit drugs for at least 6 weeks following your surgery. To achieve the best possible outcomes, we recommend quitting these habits entirely.

Dr Glenn Murray - Cosmetic Surgery PerthDR.

Glenn Murray

Medical Director and Owner

Dr. Murray (MED0001196978) leads the team of doctors and health professionals at Absolute Cosmetic, bringing over two decades of full-time experience in cosmetic medicine to his role as Medical Director and Owner of Absolute Cosmetic Perth.

Meet DR. Murray

Risks and Recovery


Breast augmentation, like any surgical procedure, carries certain risks and potential complications. Some of the risks associated with breast augmentation include:

  1. Infection: Infection is a potential risk following any surgical procedure. Antibiotics are prescribed and to be taken before and after surgery to help prevent infection, but in some cases, additional treatment may be necessary.
  2. Capsular contracture: Capsular contracture occurs when scar tissue forms around the breast implants, causing them to feel firm or become misshapen. This can result in discomfort and may require additional surgery to correct.
  3. Changes in sensation: Breast augmentation surgery can lead to temporary or permanent changes in nipple sensation or breast sensitivity. While most patients experience some degree of altered sensation immediately following surgery, it typically improves over time.
  4. Implant rupture or leakage: Breast implants can rupture or leak over time, leading to changes in breast shape or size. Yearly checks are encouraged.
  5. Breast asymmetry: Despite careful planning and execution, it’s possible for breast asymmetry to occur following augmentation surgery. Perfection will never be possible so ensure you have realistic expectations.
  6. Hematoma or seroma: Hematoma (collection of blood) or seroma (collection of fluid) can occur around the surgical site, leading to swelling, pain, and potential complications. Drainage or surgical intervention may be necessary to address these issues.
  7. Changes in breastfeeding ability: While many women are still able to breastfeed after breast augmentation surgery, there is a risk of interference with breastfeeding due to changes in breast anatomy or implant placement.

8. Visible scarring: Breast augmentation surgery involves incisions, which may result in visible scars.

9. Anesthesia risks: General anesthesia carries its own set of risks, including allergic reactions, respiratory complications, and adverse reactions to anesthesia medications. Your anesthesiologist will discuss these risks with you before surgery.

It’s important to note that the likelihood of experiencing these risks varies from person to person and depends on factors such as surgical technique, implant type, and individual health status. Patients should thoroughly discuss their medical history and expectations with Dr Murray.


The recovery period after surgery typically spans about two weeks, but this can vary significantly from one patient to another. Factors such as age, genetics, and lifestyle play a crucial role in determining the exact duration of the recovery process. During the initial 2 to 4 weeks, it’s advisable to engage in light activities like walking and stretching to aid in healing. However, patients must abstain from more strenuous activities, including weight-lifting, martial arts, or any rigorous exercises for at least the first 6 weeks post-surgery. It’s important to take things easy and allow the body to heal at its own pace. Dr. Murray, along with his skilled team of nurses, will provide detailed advice and guidelines post-surgery to ensure an effective recovery.

*Before and After Disclaimer. All before and after photographs show actual patients of Absolute Cosmetic and are published with written consent. Images have not been digitally enhanced or altered. Outcomes shown are only relevant for each patient and do not necessarily reflect the results other patients may experience. Results may vary due to many factors including the individual’s genetics, diet and exercise. Please be advised that surgical outcomes vary, from patient to patient, and comprehensive research is crucial before making any decisions. Please read the associated treatment page for information regarding risks and recovery. All surgical before and after photographs are taken before and one year after the procedure unless otherwise specified. All surgical procedures have been performed by Dr. Glenn Murray (AHPRA Registration MED0001196978) Registered Medical Practitioner, Perth.

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Dr. Glenn Murray (AHPRA Registration MED0001196978) Registered Medical Practitioner. General disclaimer: Patient outcomes can vary due to factors such as... genetics, diet, age, exercise, lifestyle, weight, and overall health. It’s essential to understand that all invasive surgeries come with inherent risks and require a recovery period and specific care regimen. Detailed information regarding surgical risks and complications is available here, but it is advisable to conduct thorough research and obtain a second opinion to ensure you are able to make an informed decision. Please note that the information provided is general in nature and does not constitute medical advice or establish a doctor-patient relationship. For real patient images, please visit our Before and After page. Please be advised that surgical outcomes vary, from patient to patient, and comprehensive research is crucial before making any decisions. This website contains imagery which is only suitable for audiences 18+.

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