What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning or Epidermal Levelling is a non-invasive treatment that removes the top layer of dead skin cells, oil and fine vellus hair (commonly known as peach fuzz). This leaves the skin feeling smooth, supple and vibrant and can help with a range of skin concerns.

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Common names

Epidermal Levelling, Epi Blading

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Non Surgical


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How does Dermaplaning work?

Dermaplaning is a deep exfoliation treatment which utilises a surgical blade. The edge of the blade is held at a 45-degree angle to gently scrape the build-up of dirt and oils in and around the skin and vellus hair or peach fuzz.

The vellus hair is completely removed during the process leaving skin ultra-smooth and creating the perfect base for make-up application.

What are the benefits of a Dermaplaning Treatment?

Dermaplaning removes the top layer of dead skin cells and facial hair. Some of the benefits of Dermaplaning can be;

  • Improved skin texture and tone
  • Allowing deeper penetration of skincare products
  • Reduced the appearance of fine lines
  • Unclogging pores – leading to pores appearing smaller
  • Reduction in acne scarring

This is an especially good treatment for people who can not tolerate other methods of intense exfoliation, for example those who suffer from rosacea.

When will I see results after Dermaplaning?

You should see results after 1 treatment, however, these results are not permanent. It is recommended to have treatment every 3-6 weeks to maintain results.

Will the hair grow back thicker and darker?

The vellus hair will grow back with a blunt end but should not be any darker or thicker than it was prior to the treatment.

Who is a good candidate for Deraplaning?

Dermaplaning is a great option for many skin types including those with sensitive skin. It is also a good option for those who have fair hair that is not suitable for IPL or laser hair removal.

Dermaplaning is not a good option for you if you suffer from any of the below:

  • Cystic acne
  • A bleeding or blood clotting disorder
  • Diabetes that is not controlled by diet or medication
  • If you are undergoing cancer treatment including chemotherapy or radiotherapy

Are there any side effects or risks of Dermaplaning?

When safely performed, with proper training and by a qualified Dermal Therapist or Cosmetic Nuse, this treatment has minimal side effects and risks. The skin is held taut to reduce the risk of nicking the skin.

There is no ‘downtime’ after a dermaplaning treatment, however, your skin may feel, tight, red, warm and dry. This usually subsides within 24-hours.

How much does Dermaplaning cost?

The cost of Dermaplaning at Absolute Cosmetic Medicine is $99.  We recommend that you add the RATIONALE anti-inflammatory Vitamin B mask after the treatment. Dermaplaning and the RATIONALE mask is $159.

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