What is DOT Therapy?

DOT Therapy, or Dermal Optical Thermolysis, can transform skin and enhance its overall appearance. This includes reversing the appearance of aged or sun-damaged skin, smoothing wrinkles and fine lines and minimising acne scars.

The procedure is customised to your skin by your doctor who adjusts the laser settings to obtain the best results for you. Your doctor will then apply a pattern of tiny scanned pulses of laser energy to your skin with a controlled laser.

Depending on the area to be treated, the procedure takes approximately 15-30 minutes and longer for larger areas.

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Common names

DOT laser, CO2 laser, Fractional skin resurfacing, Dermal Optical Thermolysis laser

Targeted areas

Skin texture, Sun damage, Pigmentation, Acne scarring, Scarring, Skin rejuvenation, Sunspots, Wrinkles, and Skin tightening, subject to additional RF therapy

Procedure Information

Procedure Type

Non Surgical


From $699


Reduction of fine lines, acne scarring and pigmentation, decreased skin laxity and improved overall texture.


Typically most patients require approximately 3 treatments spread about 4 to 6 weeks apart for optimal results, which tend to be seen in 3 to 6 months after the treatment (or up to a year).

Recovery Time

From 1 day to 1 week.

Treatable Area's

Full Face or Half Face, Neck

How does DOT Therapy work?

The DOT Therapy laser precisely creates thousands of microscopic holes (DOT’s) in your skin, which stimulates new collagen growth. DOT Therapy is designed to improve the skin’s texture and tone and to fight fine lines, deep wrinkles, and acne scars. DOT Therapy usually leaves islands of healthy tissue surrounding the microscopic DOTs. This enables your skin to heal more rapidly and minimises overall damage.

The addition of radiofrequency therapy (RF) will also assist skin tightening and reduces the recovery time, please note, this comes at an additional cost.

The machine is a true laser and only doctors should perform this treatment.

What happens after the procedure?

You’ll generally experience minimal discomfort after treatment; however, some patients can experience some tenderness, swelling or pain. This can be relieved by applying ice to the area.

Aftercare instructions should be strictly followed. Usually, this involves icing and use of a bland moisturiser. The skin should be kept lightly moist for at least two days.

Post-treatment downtime can be from one day to one week. This treatment has variable outcomes and the average is usually 3-4 treatments. It is wise to sleep with an extra pillow, to reduce swelling and take a daily antihistamine.

Why choose Absolute Cosmetic Medicine for DOT Laser Therapy

  • Dr Syed has performed almost 4,000 laser therapy treatments making him one of the most experienced in Perth
  • Dr Syed has over 15-years of experience in Cosmetic Medicine and many years of experience in Medicine
  • We are a full-time cosmetic clinic
  • Absolute has a 24-hour on-call service to assist with any concerns
  • Absolute Cosmetic Medicine is licensed and insured to use gas to assist patient comfort

*Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

What happens on the day of the procedure?

Patients should avoid blood thinning medications in the days leading up to treatment, and report any recent changes in health. The area should be clean and dry prior to treatment with no makeup on. Emla numbing cream can be applied or gas can be used to make the treatment more comfortable for patients.  Eye shields will be placed in situ to protect the eyes.

"Dr Syed has performed almost 4,000 laser procedures making him one of the most experienced in WA."

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