What is a GLOW PEEL ?

Uncover a youthful glow as the Glow Peel revitalises and refirms lacklustre skin. This peel is designed to stimulate the growth of new healthy skin cells, replacing tired, old and sun damaged skin.

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Common names

Light Chemical Peel

Targeted areas

Fine lines, UV-induced skin damage, Problematic skin, Elasticity and Firmness, Skin tone and Hyper-pigmentation, Skin texture, Enlarged pores, Oily and Congested skin

Procedure Information

Procedure Type

Non Surgical




Increased skin hydration, improved skin elasticity, collagen regeneration


While immediate results can be noticed post treatments (such as glowing and hydrated skin), gradual improvements will be noticed when new collagen is produced. Commonly it may take up to three treatments for changes to manifest. Depending on your concerns, we recommend a course of 6-8 treatments for optimal results.

Recovery Time

No recovery time is required for this procedure.

Treatable Area's


What is involved?

Each GLOW PEEL treatment is tailored completely to your unique skin type, concerns and goals, at the time of your appointment. This can mean that the steps involved in any treatment, can vary, depending on the above factors.

The benefit of the Glow Peel is the multiple options of treatment applications. After a patient’s skin is assessed and the Pyruvic Acid is applied, treatment ends with a customisable mask to further enhance results. Some of the many masks we pair with the Glow Peel are Hyaluronic Acid (for the ultimate boost in hydration), Vitamin B (to strengthen skin barrier which reduces redness and sensitivity) or Vitamin C (even outs skin tone and reduces pigmentation).

Are you a good candidate?

The GLOW PEEL is suitable for most skin types, due to the treatment’s non-invasive nature. Those seeking glowing, radiant and clean skin are almost always a perfect candidate for the GLOW PEEL!

We offer consultation’s for this treatment and other’s, with our experienced dermal technicians and registered nurses.

What preparation or downtime is required?

Before: No special requirements are necessary before a GLOW PEEL treatment. We do encourage you to come make-up free to your appointment, however this is not essential if you are unable to. Your practitioner will cleanse your skin prior to treatment, to help prepare your skin.

After: Post-treatment, we recommend avoiding make-up for 24-hours and ensure the application of sunscreen, ideally an SPF-50.

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How can we help?

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