What is Kleresca Pre-Post treatment?

Kleresca Pre-Post treatment is a gentle biophotonic treatment designed to prepare the skin before any high-energy or invasive procedure and stimulate its own healing repair mechanisms once the treatment has finalised.

Common names

LED Light Therapy

Targeted areas

Face, Neck, Chest

Procedure Information

Procedure Type

Non Surgical



Recovery Time

None to very minimal downtime required following this procedure.

Treatable Area's

Face, Neck, Chest

How does Kleresca Pre-Post Treatment work?

Kleresca Pre-Post Treatment was developed to be combined with invasive and high-energy treatments in order to provide the patients with a complete experience.

Kleresca Pre-Post Treatment:

  • Reduces inflammation erythema
  • Normalises and de-stresses the skin
  • Activates skin’s cells and induces the regenerative process
  • Increases collagen build-up

What happens during the Kleresca Pre-Post Treatment?

After an initial cleanse of the skin, the photoconverter gel is applied.  The gel is illuminated under the Kleresca LED light.  The photoconverter gel converts the light from the lamp into fluorescent light energy.  The fluorescent light generated has the capacity to penetrate various depths of the skin and stimulate the skin cells, normalising and de-stressing the skin, helping it to recover.

Patients typically describe the treatment as a pleasurable experience.

What happens after the Kleresca Pre-Post Treatment?

The gel is removed, the skin may appear slightly flushed.  Make-up can be applied straight after the treatment to cover this.  Other potential side effects of the treatment may include hyperpigmentation (bronzing of an area of the skin) and swelling.  The hyperpigmentation does reduce and disappear over time.

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