What is a Labiaplasty?

A Labiaplasty modifies the appearance of the labia minora, labia majora or both.  Some women find that their labia changes shape after pregnancy, illness, or with age.  The Labiaplasty can alter the size, shape, or symmetry of the labia.

The procedure was developed to remove excess skin from the labia but can also be paired with Liposuction to the monis pubis, fat transfer to the labia majora, laser to improve the quality of the skin, and the MonaLisa Touch to improve the quality, strength and health of the vaginal wall.

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Common names

Vaginal Rejuvenation, Female Genital Re-Shaping

Procedure Information

Procedure Type



From $5500


Some results are seen immediately but they will continue to improve over the next 3-6 months.

Labiaplasty Surgery procedure

Before Labiaplasty Surgery

Alcohol should be avoided for at least 24 hours before the surgery. Smokers must quit prior to surgery. Smoking and illicit drug use must be strictly avoided before the procedure.  We take smoking very seriously as a high risk for any procedure, so you must be aware of the cancellation policy if you smoke.  Smoking increases the risk of some serious complications during and after surgery.  Ideally, you should stop smoking at least 8 weeks prior to a procedure, cutting down does not reduce the risk of complications, however, the greatest health benefit is gained by quitting smoking for good.  More information about the possible complications, as well as information about how to quit, is available here.

 During Labiaplasty Surgery

During a Labiaplasty, a small incision is made along the labia minora and any excess skin is removed until the desired shape and appearance is achieved.  If you have chosen to combine this procedure with a fat transfer, fat can be injected to fill out the labia majora.

The Labiaplasty is performed under sedation so you should have no memory of the procedure. Perth Labiaplasty surgery should only take 1 to 2 hours.

Labiaplasty recovery and aftercare

Most Labiaplasty patients recover within one to two weeks. During this time it is common to experience some discomfort and swelling.  Pain medication can be taken to manage any discomfort.  Swelling is a natural part of the healing process and will reduce over time.

Many patients can return to work a few days after the treatment, however, this will depend on the activity level of your job.  Vigorous activity should be avoided for 2 to 4 weeks and sexual intercourse should be avoided for 6-weeks.

Cosmetic surgery medical requirements

From 1 July 2023, new regulations around cosmetic surgery were implemented by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulatory Agency (AHPRA) and the Medical Board of Australia. Please make sure you have read and understood these new reforms when considering your cosmetic surgery


Expected Labiaplasty results

You will see the results of your Labiaplasty immediately after the surgery, however, these results will improve over a 3 to 6 month time period.  You will notice that your labia may appear smaller and more defined.

What is the cost of Labiaplasty surgery?

The cost of Labiaplasty surgery is from $5,500.  This fee is all-inclusive of the surgical procedure and aftercare package. Premium labiaplasty packages are available, which include Vaser Pro Liposculpture to the Monis Pubis, DOT Laser for skin rejuvenation and Mona Lisa for internal vaginal rejuvenation.

Payment Options

Absolute Cosmetic offers multiple payment options including, and not limited to; Cash, Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard etc), AfterPay, Lay-by and Payment Plans.

More information is available on our Payment Plan page.

Important things to consider before a Labiaplasty

  • Some patients may need a review procedure, although perfection is not possible
  • Each side can heal differently and your body influences the final shape
  • You must be realistic about the results when considering this procedure

Why choose Absolute Cosmetic Medicine for your Labiaplasty procedure?

  • Absolute Cosmetic Medicine has over 20 years of full-time experience in Cosmetic Medicine and was one of the first full-time cosmetic clinics in WA
  • We offer a full range of surgical and non-surgical rejuvenation options to ensure that we can offer a package that suits your needs
  • Our Doctors are highly experienced, Dr Glenn Murray has over 20 years of experience in Cosmetic Medicine and Dr Syed has over 15 years of experience in Cosmetic Medicine
  • We are health department licensed and fully insured to perform this procedure

*Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks.  Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified practitioner.

*Please ask us to find out more information on a package procedure, including;
– Clitoral Hood Reduction
– Fat Transfer

"Absolute Cosmetic has over 20 years of full-time experience in Cosmetic Medicine"

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