What are PDO Threads?


At Absolute Cosmetic, we offer a range of non-invasive and surgical thread options which target a variety of skin concerns. The variety of PDO Threads our clinicians use, can assist in skin tightening, collagen production, skin lifting and modification of areas such as the nose. Depending on the area you wish to improve, we offer complimentary consultations to assist you in selecting your threads of choice.

Common names

Non-Surgical ThreadLift, PDO Thread Lift, Mint MONO Threads, Skin Tightening Thread Lift, Thread Lift

Targeted areas

Eye brow tightening, accordian lines, cheeks, under eyes/tear trough, neck, forehead, jawline and jowls.

Procedure Information

Procedure Type

Non Surgical


From $350

PDO MONO Threads

How do PDO MONO Threads work?

PDO Mono threads are individually inserted by your practitioner to create a vectorial mesh underneath the skin. Once the material is inserted, biostimulation occurs and collagen begins to wrap around the mono thread, which creates a collagen structure that will tighten the skin and stimulate tone, texture, and elasticity improvements.

Is it painful? We offer different numbing options to aid in the comfort of your treatment. Numbing cream, dental blocks or gas are available at a small charge.

How long does the treatment take: 30-45 minutes

Is there downtime: 2-7 days downtime of potential swelling and bruising may occur

When can I begin to see the results? On average 6-8 weeks post-treatment

How long will the results last? On average 9-12 months

What adverse events can occur? Bruising, swelling, small lumps, all of which will subside within 5-14 days post treatment


Other Threads Options

In additional to PDO Mono Threads for tightening, our doctors offer various other PDO Threads for non-surgical rhinoplasty or “skin lifting” for a non-surgical face lift.


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How can we help?

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