​What are burn scars?

Burns cause skin cells to die. Scars form when the dermal or lower layers of the skin are damaged. Damaged skin produces a protein called collagen to repair itself. As the skin heals, thickened, discolored areas, called scars, form.

Some scars are temporary and fade over time. Others are permanent. Burn scars can be formed by heat, chemicals, the sun, radiation, and electricity.

Burns can cause one of these types of scars:
Hypertrophic scars are red or purple, and raised. They may feel warm to the touch and itchy.
Contracture scars tighten the skin, muscles, and tendons, and make it harder for you to move.
Keloid scars form shiny, hairless bumps.

Some people feel self-conscious about the appearance of burn scars. Although once the skin has healed there is usually no medical reason to remove the scar, they want to remove the scar for cosmetic reasons.

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