Look years younger by safely removing sagging skin

​Loose or sagging skin can occur for a number of reasons, including ageing, after losing weight or through ageing.

As we age, the body reduces collagen and elastin production, the connective tissue fibres in the skin. This weakens the skin’s strength and elasticity and is more pronounced in areas exposed to the sun. The fat in our face loses volume, clumps up and sinks, causing loose and saggy skin.

After weight loss
When weight is gained the skin will stretch, but when weight is lost the skin may sag.

It can take several months or years for a mother’s stomach to shrink back to its original size postpartum. Some will find that their skin may never fully shrink back to it’s original size and may be left with loose or sagging skin on their stomach.

Pre-Surgery skin tightening
We will sometimes recommend that a patient has a non-invasive skin tightening treatment prior to their surgical procedure.  This may enhance surgical results.

We offer a range of surgical and non-surgical skin tightening treatments.  We recommend that all patients have a consultation before deciding which treatment to have, this allows us to assess your concerns and recommend the best treatment for you.


Mini Face Lift

This procedure is considered less invasive than traditional mid-face or face and brow lifts, and has reduced operating and recovery time. It involves the use of threads which have

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