​What’s a muffin top?

​A ‘muffin top’ is when there is skin and fat that bulges over the top of trousers in the same way that a muffin bulges over the top of the paper holder or muffin case.

You don’t need to be overweight to have a muffin-top either. Many people who are at their ideal weight complain about having a muffin top that they cannot shift – it’s often a stubborn area of fat to shift.

The muffin top is made up of subcutaneous fat. This is fat that’s just under the skin, making it perfect for fat reduction treatments.

We have a range of surgical and non-surgical procedures that can reduce a muffin top. If you are interested in treatment options, we recommend that you book a complimentary consultation which allows us to assess your concern and recommend the best treatment options for you.


Vaser Pro Lipo

VASER liposculpture is a subset of liposuction. The VASER probe is inserted into the target area to predominantly remove fat from the middle layer; the deep and superficial layers

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