​What are saddlebags?

​The term ‘saddlebags’ is often used to describe a situation where women have larger than normal hip and thigh fat. Miriam-Webster Dictionary defines it as, “a bulge of lumpy fat in the outer area of the thigh.”

Fat can be deposited anywhere in the body; however, women have a tendency to store it in two or three key places: the abdominal area, the hips or the thighs. Women with a pear-shaped body often complain about saddle bags and this can be incredibly stubborn fat to lose.

We have a range of surgical and non-surgical procedures that can reduce saddle bags. If you are interested in treatment options, we recommend that you book a complimentary consultation which allows us to assess your concern and recommend the best treatment options for you.


Vaser Pro Lipo

VASER liposculpture is a subset of liposuction. The VASER probe is inserted into the target area to predominantly remove fat from the middle layer; the deep and superficial layers

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