Talking Bra Strap ‘Back Fat’ Region with Dr Murray

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Talking Bra Strap ‘Back Fat’ Region with Dr Murray

Have you got a ‘bra bulge’ that you are unhappy about? Good news – there is an effective method that helps you body sculpt, body reshape, body contour, fat reduce, skin tone and fat remove this ‘back fat’ region.

Watch Dr Murray from Absolute Cosmetic Medicine discuss the Bra Strap ‘Back Fat’ region and what you can do about it.


Hi, Dr Murray here again.

Just talking about the bra strap or back fat region.

A lot of people really hate this area and as I mentioned before it’s an area that people notice when they’ve lost weight or had lipo and they didn’t get it done and they say I missed this spot and I’ve always hated it but I didn’t think you could do anything about it. We have the Vaser Pro lipo machine which is one of the latest and strongest lipo machines you can get and it’s fantastic for this area because the fat is extremely tough to remove. It becomes very fibrous for two reasons. One – that’s what the back fat is, it’s a fibrous sort or fat. But also from friction from bra straps it seems to get very tough.

We make a small nick in the skin. It’s all done under sedation. Fill the area up with fluid. This fluid is tumescent fluid. This makes the area numb, makes it bloodless and dislodges the fat with normal saline. Then we put the Vaser Pro probe in which liquifies the fat. This is done with ultrasound so is really gentle. Then we pop a small cannula in to suck the fat out. Afterwards you will be numb and the next day you will have about 2/10 pain. Usual aftercare for most lipo and that’s using a garment to put pressure on the area to keep it flat and mould it the right way so you don’t get buckling of the skin.

You have to be realistic though the results are variable. It is a tough area and it can take up to 12 months for full results in some people and as quick as a month for some lucky people. It’s a great area to do and a lot of people to forget to do it when they’re going their tummy or their waist and they come back to do it later.

Don’t hesitate to book a complimentary consultation with one of my nurses and they’ll go through all of this with you. Don’t forget there are a couple of pictures on the website that show good average treatments of back fat. You can see

Take care. For any further information please don’t hesitate to contact us at Absolute Cosmetic Medicine on (08) 9389 9099 or alternatively, visit our Vaser Pro Lipo page for more info – we are always here to help you.

Why Choose Absolute for Your VASER PRO Liposculpture Procedure?

  • VASER liposculpture is one of the main specialties in our clinic.
  • Dr Murray has performed more than 6,000 liposculpture procedures.
  • Dr Murray holds a diploma in liposuction from the Australian College of Cosmetic Surgery. He is one of the co-authors of Australian liposuction guidelines.
  • We have the only VASER PRO in Western Australia. We also have hi-def equipment and VASER Smooth.
  • We have a low complication rate.
  • Experienced nurses dedicated to after care.
  • Dr Murray has been trained by a leading plastic surgeon in Colorado. Dr Murray was also trained by one of the grandfathers of liposuction, Dr Pierre Fournier.
  • We are WA Health Department licensed
  • Licensed with sedation
  • We have nurses that are specifically trained in caring for liposuction patients
  • We do not perform cheap methods of liposuction and have assisted many patients that have undergone cheaper treatments in overseas clinics.

Book a Complimentary Consult

Interested in getting your brastrap ‘back fat’ looked att? Get Liposculpture at Absolute Cosmetic Medicine. We are the only Perth clinic to have VASER PRO. This is the latest VASER machine and has been found to be extremely successful. We have done hundreds of these procedures and regard VASER lipo as the gold standard of liposuction.

For any further information please don’t hesitate to contact us at Absolute Cosmetic Medicine on (08) 9389 9099 or alternatively, visit our Vaser Pro Lipo page for more info – we are always here to help you.


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