Warning About ‘Home Based’ Beauty Services

Lipedema treatment with VASER Liposculpture
November 10, 2015
New Year, New Year’s Resolution, New You!
January 18, 2016

There has been a warning about the dangers of ‘home based’ beauty services, particularly cosmetic injectable treatments.

You can read the full article here

There are four key points to consider when having these injections, including;

1. Were you consulted by a qualified medical practitioner prior to treatment?

2. Is there a medical practitioner available to supervise the treatment?

3. Was the injected product approved for use in Australia, and was it stored under the correct conditions?

4. If I suffer a reaction to the treatment, is the medical practitioner readily available to treat the adverse reaction?


If you feel that your treatment did not satisfy these criteria, or you suspect you may have received counterfeit products, you can report the matter to relevant government departments.

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