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Breast Augmentation

The Truth behind Breast Implants

29 Apr 2022

Fat Transfer to the Breast vs Breast Implants – Which One is Right For Me?

If you are one of the many who are considering if breast augmentation is right for you, you may be coming up against more questions than answers. One of the most common questions we hear is “Fat Transfer or Breast Implant – which is right for me?” Whether it is an increase in size you’re after or creating shape, it’s important you understand both the pros and cons of each procedure. More importantly, you need to understand which will be most effective in helping you achieve these results.

Here at Absolute Cosmetic, we describe Fat Transfers to the breast as a great way to recycle. If you are already wanting to address some areas of stubborn fat with liposuction, think of a fat transfer as the cherry on top. Why not get rid of some unwanted fat from one area, use it to accentuate and enhance another.

If your main concern is adding volume, shape and generally enhancing your breasts, you will need to consider how reliable your results are. When it comes to a Fat Transfer to the breasts, you are working with a few more variables. No two patients have the same metabolism, and this can affect the fat differently. While you can get between one to three cup size increase from a fat transfer, around 9% of patients require a top up. This means another theatre procedure, sourcing more fat, and re-treating the area.

Compare this to a breast implant, you know exactly what volume you are getting. If you put in a 360 CC breast implant, that is the size you will be left with. With a fat transfer, you may add the same volume of fat, and see this reduce to 200 or even 180 CC because your body breaks this down.

The fat that is used also must be your fat. If you’re on the slimmer side, and don’t currently have fat that we can source from anywhere, you will need to put on weight. While you may take this as your free pass to eat whatever you want, we always encourage patients to have their health as their top priority. This means eating more, but still eating well.

Will Fat Transfer Work For a Breast Lift?

If you want to achieve a breast lift and have any floppiness or heaviness in your breasts, fat transfer will not help solve this. However, an implant will provide you with both shape and a lift to the breast.

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In summary – from a fat transfer, you can expect a natural result, with less downtime and less scarring. With a fat transfer you do also need to accept the unpredictability of fat reabsorption, and the fact that you cannot expect any sort of lift with this procedure.

An implant can provide you with long-term results along with a size increase and lift. You will also need to expect a longer downtime or recovery period with an implant, and of course the risks associated with surgery.

Both are great options, but a great option is only a great option if it is right for you. If you have more questions or want to discuss which procedure would be best for your concerns, call us on 08 9389 9099 to schedule your consultation today.

*It’s important to recognize that any cosmetic surgical or invasive procedure comes with inherent risks and the possibility of complications. Therefore, before moving forward, we strongly recommend that you allocate time for thorough research, self-education, and consider seeking a second opinion from a qualified practitioner to make an informed decision.


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