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May Prices

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May Prices

Perth Lip Filler 0.5Ml Special

0.5mL Lip Filler

Add volume and improve symmetry with 0.5ml Lip Filler from $199. T&C’s apply.

Prices from $199
Ultraformer 3 Mpt Perth Special

Ultraformer MPT & HIFU

Non-surgical skin tightening and fat reduction. New packages are now available at our Applecross and Innaloo clinics.

Prices from $250
Clear And Brilliant Perth Joondalup Special

Clear + Brilliant Laser

Fractional laser technology that helps to counteract signs of ageing, sun damage and pigmentation. New treatment packages now available.

Prices from $263
Promotion 2 Wrinkle Relaxers From 4 Per Unit

Wrinkle Relaxers

Smooth fine lines and reduce the signs of ageing. T&C’s apply.

Prices from $4 per unit
Perth Lip Filler 1Ml 0.5Ml Special Promotion $199

1ml Lip Filler

Enhance shape, increase volume, and contour the lips with Lip Filler. Includes 1ml Filler. T&C’s apply.

Prices from $399
Absolute Sculpt Hiemt Perth

Absolute Sculpt

Combining HIEMT & RF Technology to help tone your body and reduce fat. New treatment packages are now available.

Prices from $300
Rosacea Skin Treatment Perth Specials

Kleresca for Rosacea

A non-invasive BioPhotonic treatment clinically proven to reduce the signs and symptoms of rosacea. Single Treatment: $249. 4x Treatment Package: $749.

Prices from $150
Acne Scarring Perth Specials

Kleresca for Acne & Scarring

Harnessing the power of Biophotonics to treat your acne and kill bacteria in the skin. Single Treatment: $249. 6x Treatment Package: $900.

Prices from $142
Perth Skin Treatment Packages

Kleresca for Skin Rejuvenation

Kleresca uses fluorescent light energy to activate the skin’s collagen-producing cells and helps to reduce pore size, fine lines and scars. Single Treatment: $249. 4x Treatment Package: $749.

Prices from $150
Premium Cheek Filler Special Promotion Perth

Cheek Filler

Enhance your cheek contours and restore volume loss. Includes 2 ml Premium Filler. T&C’s apply.

Prices from $999
Pdo Threads Special Promotion Perth

PDO Mono Threads

Helps to increase collagen production within the skin, plus stimulates a skin tightening and remodelling effect.

Prices from $113
Alopecia Treatment Perth

Regenera Activa For Hair Loss

Regenera Activa is a technique used to halt male and female pattern hair loss (androgenetic alopecia).

Prices from $2500
Cosmelan 1

New Treatment: Cosmelan Peel

Non Surgical facial peel that results in enhancement in skin texture, along with a decrease in pigmentation and surface wrinkles. Available in all of our Perth clinics.

Prices from $1400
Nctf Boost

New Treatment: NCTF BOOST 135 HA

A poly-revitalizing and anti-aging complex that stimulates fibroblasts to produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Can be applied post-treatment to enhance ingredient penetration, ensuring deeper absorption and maximising rejuvenating effects.

Prices from $120

New Treatment: WiQo One

WiQo One is a bio-revitalisation treatment that works on all layers of the skin to deliver immediate and long-term visible results. This popular, non-invasive treatment option features a needle-free topical application that helps the skin become smoother, silkier, and brighter. Trials have proven that WiQo One is very well tolerated by all skin types.

Prices from $1500

New Treatment: Acnelan Peel

Acnelan is a professional cosmetic treatment designed to address and target the various triggers of acne symptoms and oily skin conditions. It typically involves a multi-step process that includes cleansing, exfoliation, and a unique blend of active ingredients chosen for their synergistic properties.  

Prices from $1300
Gift Voucher Cosmetic Clinic Injectables Perth

Gift Vouchers

Looking for the perfect gift for that special someone? Why not buy them the Absolute best with an Absolute Digital Gift Voucher. Physical Gift Vouchers are also available at our Perth clinics.

May Pricing Terms and Conditions

  • Pricing is valid at our Perth Metro clinics only (PDO Mono Threads also available at our Mandurah Clinic)
  • Available with selected practitioners only.

> Lip Filler Terms and Conditions (0.5ml from $199 and 1ml from $399)

  • Available with all Nurse Injectors except for Nurse Laura and Nurse Stephanie.
  • Not available with Dr. Syed or Dr. Murray.

> PDO Mono Threads Terms and Conditions

  • Available with all Nurse Injectors except for Nurse Laura and Nurse Stephanie.
  • Not available with Dr. Syed or Dr. Murray.
  • May Pricing valid for bookings made up until 30th May 2024
  • Consultation is needed but can be booked at the same time as treatment.
  • Valid at our Perth Metro clinics and our Mandurah Clinic only.




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