Here is a quick blogpost & video by Dr Murray on being aware of the risks in cosmetic procedures and the after care. This is advice from a Perth Cosmetic Surgery.

Hi It’s Dr Murray from Absolute Cosmetic Medicine.
I hope you are happy and well.

Today I will talk about something extremely important.
You must be completely aware of all the risks and complications that can occur from these procedures that we do.
Most procedures are low risk but definitely no risk.

When we give you the consent form, make sure that you read this very carefully and you are aware of everything that you are signing.
This is not to cover us it is to educate you so that you are aware of these risks.
it is also extremely important to follow post op care.

Make sure that you see us when we ask you to come back in to review you.
Many of the cheap clinics do not do any follow up at all.

Patients do not realise they are actually paying more for the procedure because they are getting no after care.
The after care is the most important thing that stops the complications.

Keep happy and well. Regards from Dr Murray.

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