Recently we posted a blog titled 10 Questions To Ask When Choosing a Doctor to Perform Your Breast Augmentation (you can read it here).

The first question we posed was do you work alongside a dedicated anaesthetist? In actual fact, that question should have been what sedation will I have during my procedure?

While twilight sedation is perfectly suitable for some procedures, and is regularly used for surgery such as liposuction, a breast augmentation is a far more invasive procedure, and should be treated as such.

It is Dr Murray’s medical opinion that Breast Augmentation is a procedure that should always be conducted under deep anaesthetic, and with a dedicated one-on-one Anaesthetist present at all times.

Do you want to be awake during your breast surgery?

Yes, you will always find a cheaper deal somewhere out there, but ALWAYS ask what is NOT included from your low cost surgery provider. For a complimentary nurses consultation to find out more, please contact us.