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Important Information about hyaluronic acid-based injections Complications and Aftercare

04 Oct 2018

Hi, it is Dr Murray here to talk to you about hyaluronic acid-based injections in the lips.

I wanted to write a blog post about hyaluronic acid-based injections to the lips as we have seen an increase in repairs of patients with less than ideal outcomes following their experiences at other clinics. These patients have often seen inexperienced injectors, causing an increase in severe complications and botched lips.  It is important to note that no one is a perfect injector and there is a difference between having a standard complication and a botched job from an incorrect technique.  I am also not talking about patients who are not 100% happy after their first appointment, it can take time to build up the lip, especially if you want to make dramatic changes or a large increase in volume, this may take several appointments.

There has also been some press coverage about the dangers of hyaluronic acid-based injections.  Australia recently had its first case of blindness associated with hyaluronic acid-based injections.  Over 100 cases of blindness due to hyaluronic acid-based injections have been reported around the world, however, this is the first case in Australia.  It was found that the nurse did not have a Doctor in the clinic and her stock of hyaluronidase was out of date, so she was unable to dissolve the product.

When having any cosmetic injectable treatment, I recommend that you find out the following information prior to having the injection:

  1. If your treatment is being carried out by a nurse, is the consenting doctor in the same state, this can be important if there are complications.
  2. What product is being injected and is it approved for use in Australia? It is important to know what is being injected into your face.
  3. How experienced is the injector? Everyone starts somewhere but if the injector is not highly experienced, have they had sufficient training and ongoing support from an experienced injector?
  4. What should you do if you have a complication outside of the clinic’s opening hours? Do they have an on-call emergency Doctor?

Absolute Cosmetic have been offering hyaluronic acid-based injections for over 20 years and all our staff are extensively trained by our suppliers as well as Senior Nurse Stephanie and myself.  Both Stephanie and I have over 40 years of experience combined in the cosmetic industry.  We do extensive training with all injectors as lips can be very complex, even though they may seem simple.  In some parts of the world, hyaluronic acid-based injections to the lips are considered an advanced filling technique.  Recent cadaver studies have found that there are more branches of the superior and inferior labial arteries than previously thought.  It was also found that the location of these arteries can vary from person to person.  This means that the risk of vascular occlusion and necrosis during hyaluronic acid-based injections to the lips is higher than previously thought.  Extra care must be taken when injecting the midline due to this.

Swelling and Bruising after hyaluronic acid-based injections to the lips

Please remember that swelling and bruising after treatment is a normal reaction of the body.  An injection to the lips, even with no product can give a bruise.  There are some precautions that you can take to reduce swelling and bruising, this is recommended if you are prone to excessive swelling and bruising.

Before your treatment:

  • Avoid any blood thinners; this includes fish oil, green tea, and alcohol for at least 3 days
  • Do not take ibuprofen before your appointment
  • Do not book your appointment before a major event, even with all precautions, you can not guarantee that there will be no swelling or bruising

For 24 hours after your treatment:

  • Apply ice or a cold compress for 10 minutes every hour
  • If you bruise easily you can use topical treatments such as Arnica or Hirudoid cream
  • Avoid strenuous exercise
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Do not expose the area to intense heat sources e.g. a sauna or solarium
  • Do not use any AHAs, Retinol, Vitamin C products or make-up on the area

3 days after your treatment:

  • Avoid putting pressure on the area, sleep on your back if possible

2 weeks after your treatment:

  • Avoid any facial treatments including microdermabrasion, IPL, laser and facials

Almost all patients will experience some swelling and bruising after your treatment.  Try to stay calm and not let yourself get too anxious about it.  Swelling can take up to 14 days to reduce.  Absolute offers a complimentary review appointment after 14 days where you can discuss any concerns, we also have an emergency after hours contact number.

For more information see our hyaluronic acid-based injections and hyaluronic acid-based injections to lips pages.

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