Hi, its Dr Murray back again. I hope you’re happy and well. We’re talking stretch marks today. They can be very severe and I do feel sorry for some people that do have these as they can be unsightly. It would be really good if we could better treating stretch marks so we could assist further. They are tears in the dermis, the deeper part of the skin. They are like a run in a stocking, they can look terrible and unsightly. When they are new and have a bit of pigment or redness they are easier to treat. IPL is a reasonable option. Other modalities for this is tretinoin cream, different types of lasers and even rollering. It has been reported that PRP can help but in my opinion, it only helps a very small amount. The best thing I have seen for this is the DOT laser. It is a Co2 laser which can be very hot, and that’s what you need, a lot of heat that goes deep in the skin to stimulate the area. There are other lasers that we don’t have that we are considering such as the Icon Laser which has very good reviews. I always caution people, look at the research, look at what experts say and look at reviews last. Reviews can be bought and it is very disturbing that a lot of people buy reviews to make their products look better. DOT laser is a great way of treating stretch marks. Some people say that you can get up to 90% improvement, that is very uncommon. You must look at their photographs carefully to see if there has been any Photoshop used. On average you can get a 50% improvement. It’s not a one-off treatment. You can expect to have a few over many months but it is worth it. Call us on 9389 9099 if you want any more information on stretch marks. Take care.