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Tear Trough Rejuvenation with Dr Murray from IMCAS Conference

27 Jul 2017

Tear Trough Rejuvenation with Dr Murray

Doctor Glenn Murray from Absolute Cosmetic Medicine recently attended the IMCAS (International Master Course on Aging Science) Conference in Bali.

The IMCAS conference is the essence of aesthetic science, plastic surgery & cosmetic dermatology, where they explore the science behind aesthetic procedures, discover up-to-the-minute practice management and digital marketing skills, and uncover the latest information on regulations and trends in the region.

Weren’t able to make it? No worries – Dr Murray has the highlights from the conference to share with you below. Watch the video:

Hi everybody, I’m at the IMCAS International Master Course on Aging Science) Bali Conference.

Just went to an interesting lecture regarding tear trough rejuvenation/mid face rejuvenation.

We’ve been performing this treatment for many, many years – in fact, I was one of the first to introduce tear trough rejuvenation into the country and also the reversal model cheekbone injecting.

The big message this year was to be extremely careful and notice the anatomy, or be fully aware of the anatomy that can lead to blindness. There’s been a distinct jump in the numbers of this problem in the last few years due to inexperienced injectors.

It’s been agreed that there are three ligaments under the trear trough that need to be either dissected or field to rejuvenate the middle face. There’s some very aggressive injecting going on with cannulas. The debate still rages between cannula needles, although alot of people are using cannulas now, I think with experienced injectors, cannulas are no problem whatsoever.

As mentioned, you must be aware of the anatomy, right volumes, etc, it’s been shown that the Asian face probably needs more filling centrally to reduce the flatness of the face.

The Caucasian face probably doesn’t need as much volume.

The old A-Frame of youth versus age was a hot topic, it’s a very good basic rule to follow that we’re trying to create more fullness in the upper face and less fullness in the lower face.

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