Sweat reduction injections aren’t new, but the effectiveness of this simple and common treatment is gaining popularity by men and women who are gaining control over unwanted excess sweating.


Have you ever questioned why you might be sweaty year round, even without engaging in physical activity, experiencing a Perth summer, or eating a spicy meal? While sweating itself is normal and necessary, there is such a thing as excess sweating, otherwise known as Hyperhidrosis.


While the cause is not singular, factors may include anxiety, diet, lifestyle, hormones, genetics, medications and more. The important thing to remember is that you are not alone, weird or different. Many celebs have even shared their hyperhidrosis stories over the years, including big names like Halle Berry, Cameron Diaz, Steve Carell, Chrissy Teigen and Robert Patterson.


For some people, sweating is a minor inconvenience which can be relieved quite easily, but for those with hyperhidrosis, it can be a major catalyst for embarrassment and shame. When your sweating habits begin to affect your work or social life, addressing the condition, before it becomes a problem or distress is important. If you thought that you had to suffer through your unwanted sweating, we are here to share with you the effectiveness of Anti-Wrinkle Injections, to treat the bothersome symptoms of over-productive sweat glands.


Anti-wrinkle injections, aka Wrinkle Relaxer’s, are used for a multitude of treatments, including diminishing and reversing the signs of ageing through wrinkle reduction. Fortunately, this is also a proven, safe and effective method of reducing the amount you sweat on your face and body.

At Absolute Cosmetic Medicine, we are results focused and are pleased to have helped hundreds of our patients gain more confidence, through anti-sweat injections.



How do I know this treatment is right for me and do I need a referral from my GP?

Sweat reduction injections are suitable for most people, providing you are over the age of 18 and in good health. No referral is required, upon making an appointment with our experienced and highly trained practitioner’s. Our complimentary consultations are designed to better help determine your suitability for this treatment.


When is the best time to get anti-sweat injections?

This is solely dependant on the individual and their preferences. We tend to see an increase of this treatment in September and October, when winter winds down and spring commences. If your excess sweating is more prominent in the warmer months, we recommend having your treatment at least 5 weeks before summer officially arrives.


What areas can I have anti-sweat injections?

Hands, feet, underarms, scalp, some areas of the face.


Is there downtime? Can I go back to work after treatment?

No downtime is required and yes, in most cases you can resume your normal activities, post treatment. Since we assess suitability on an individual basis, your practitioner will outline all after-care and advise of any limitations (if any), at your appointment.


How much does the treatment cost?

Pricing is dependant on the dosage, which can vary with individuals. Costs start from $599 and can be affected by monthly promotions offered by Absolute Cosmetic. A complimentary consultation will confirm the exact cost of treatment for you.


How long do the results last?

Anywhere from 3 – 12 months. Results are patient dependent and will always vary. Some individuals will find they may need a course of treatments, or top-ups a few weeks following their initial dose. Other’s may be lucky and get away with one treatment a year.


When administered correctly, by a trained and experienced practitioner, Wrinkle Relaxer’s are successful and safe for use in a wide range of treatments, including jaw slimming and teeth grinding (bruxism) and migraine relief.

If there is anything we missed, or you are interested in seeing if this treatment is for you, get in touch by email at reception@absolutecosmetic.com.au or phone us on 08) 9389 9099 for a complimentary consult.