Observ 520 Skin Analysis Perth


Observ 520x Skin Analysis Perth

The Observ 520x is a powerful diagnostic tool, allowing accurate recommendations for a personalised product and treatment plan, for improved long-term skin health.

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What is the Observ 520x?

The Observ 520x is a state-of-the-art skin analysing system, designed to assist dermatologists, aestheticians and clinicians with accurate skin condition diagnosis. This powerful diagnostic tool allows you to view both the epidermal and dermal layers of the skin to provide a deeper insight into skin concerns and levels of damage. Now available at our Nedlands clinic.

Common names

Skin Analysis, Skin Imaging, Observ 520x

Targeted areas


Procedure Information

Procedure Type

Non Surgical


Skin consult and analysis (30mins) – $55


The imaging from the Observ 520x will allow your clinician to create a customised and informed treatment plan for you.


Correct current skin concerns and prevent future imperfections by prescribing the correct products and treatments.

Recovery Time

No downtime.

Treatable Areas


What is the Observ 520x Skin Analysis?

The Observ 520 is an advanced camera designed with you in mind, providing a unique way to understand your skin at a deeper level. By using special lighting techniques, it reveals deeper insights into your skin’s condition and any potential damage.

Featuring nine observation modes to view and analyse skin health, the Observ 520x allows both the skin professional and patient to see skin irregularities and design a personalised treatment plan to return the skin to balance. Prepare to see your skin in a way you have never seen it before – the Observ 520x can identify concerns such as:

  • fine lines and wrinkles
  • texture and pores
  • inflammation and vascular damage
  • skin abnormalities
  • oil flow
  • congestion
  • pigmentation

How many treatments are required and how long do results last?

After your initial scans, we will receive six images of your skin. This information allows our team to give accurate recommendations for your personalised treatment (and product) plan.

To track the progress of your skin over time, we advise patients to have skin analysis imaging at least twice a year. This allows you to accurately track the progress of your skin, and address any underlying skin health concerns as soon as possible.

Does the Observ 520X hurt and what is the downtime?

This treatment is non-invasive, and there is no downtime associated. It’s such an easy process that there is no need to prepare your skin before the treatment!

During the imaging process, a light will flash at the beginning of each photo which will last only a few seconds. Due to this, if you have light-triggered epilepsy, open cuts or abrasions, cold sores or claustrophobia, please let your clinician know, and we will assist accordingly.

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