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Facial Slimming

Facial Slimming

Facial slimming is an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure that aims to reshape and contour the face to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing and balanced appearance. This procedure is sought by individuals looking to soften strong jawlines, reduce the appearance of a broad or square face, or simply achieve a more youthful look. Various techniques, both surgical and non-surgical, are available, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of patients.

Surgical Facial Slimming Procedure

Surgical facial slimming is a more longer lasting solution for those seeking significant changes in their facial contours.

What is it?

This procedure typically involves the removal or alteration of fat and soft tissues to reshape the face’s structure, focusing primarily on the jawline and cheekbones.

Who is it for?

It is ideal for individuals with a naturally broad or square facial structure, or those who have not achieved their desired results through non-surgical methods.


The procedure, performed under sedation, can vary from minimally invasive techniques to more extensive surgery, depending on the desired outcome.


Surgical slimming provides a noticeable, long-lasting alteration to the face’s shape, often making it appear more oval or V-shaped.

What to expect

Recovery time can range from a few weeks to a couple of months, with initial swelling and bruising gradually subsiding to reveal the final outcome.

Non-Surgical Facial Slimming Procedures

Non-surgical facial slimming is a less invasive option, preferred by those seeking subtle modifications without the downtime of surgery.

What is it?

This approach often uses injectables, such as muscle relaxers or dermal fillers, to relax jaw muscles or add volume strategically, creating a slimmer facial appearance.

Who is it for?

Ideal for individuals looking for a temporary solution or those not ready for surgical interventions. It’s also suitable for people with less pronounced structural facial concerns.


The treatment involves strategically placed injections by an experienced injector, often completed within an hour.


While not permanent, these treatments can significantly soften the jawline and create a more oval facial shape.

What to expect

Minimal recovery time is needed, with most patients returning to normal activities immediately. Results typically last from three months to two years, depending on the treatment used.

Expected Results and Maintenance

Expected Results

Both surgical and non-surgical facial slimming techniques aim to create a more harmonious facial balance, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. The degree of change depends on the chosen method and individual facial structure.

Maintenance of Results

Surgical results are long-lasting, though not immune to the natural aging process. Non-surgical treatments require periodic maintenance sessions to uphold the results. A healthy lifestyle, including skincare and sun protection, can also contribute to the longevity of both surgical and non-surgical outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Surgical procedures involve sedation to ensure comfort, while non-surgical treatments may involve minimal discomfort managed with topical anaesthetics.

Surgical results evolve as swelling reduces over weeks to months, whereas non-surgical results are often immediate or develop over a few weeks.

As with any cosmetic procedure, risks can occur. Surgical risks include infection, asymmetry, and scarring, while non-surgical risks are generally less severe but can include allergic reactions.

A consultation is essential to determine the most suitable approach based on your facial structure and desired outcome.

Surgical alterations are generally permanent, while non-surgical treatments naturally diminish over time and can be adjusted or discontinued in subsequent sessions.


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