Blocked or Enlarged Pores, Blackheads and Dehydrated Skin

Blocked or Enlarged Pores, Blackheads and Dehydrated Skin

Skin is our body’s largest and most visible organ, often reflecting our overall health and well-being. Common concerns like blocked or enlarged pores, blackheads, and dehydrated skin not only affect our appearance but can also be indicators of underlying health issues. These skin conditions are prevalent among individuals of all ages, often exacerbated by environmental factors, lifestyle choices, and genetic predisposition.


Blocked or enlarged pores are typically a result of excess oil, dirt, and dead skin cells accumulating in the skin’s follicles. Blackheads, a type of acne, form when these blocked pores are exposed to air, causing the oil to oxidie and turn black. Dehydrated skin, on the other hand, lacks water content, leading to a dull, tight, and flaky appearance. Because the skin is the largest organ, it receives the least amount of hydration. It’s important to distinguish between dehydrated skin and dry skin, which is a skin type characterised by lack of oil.

Before and 1 month after six Clear + Brilliant treatments (image from supplier).


Our doctor-owned cosmetic practice in Perth offers a range of procedures to tackle these skin issues. Understanding each condition’s unique characteristics allows us to tailor our approach.

Non-Surgical Procedures

Non-surgical procedures for skin concerns are minimally invasive treatments designed to improve the skin’s appearance without the need for surgery. These include chemical peels, microdermabrasion, laser treatments, and specialised facials. The AquaPure Facial is designed for congested skin types, as it includes microdermabrasion, skin peel, microneedling and LED.

Who is it for?

These treatments are ideal for individuals seeking to address specific skin concerns like blocked pores, blackheads, or dehydrated skin without the downtime or risks associated with surgical procedures. They are suitable for most skin types and ages, provided there are no contraindications.


The process typically begins with a thorough skin assessment. For those interested in obtaining a skin analysis, a detailed skin assessment can be achieved with Observ 520X Skin Analysis which can also track your progress and the results achieved over time.  Depending on the skin’s condition and patients goals, a customised treatment plan will be recommended. Procedures like chemical peels involve applying a solution to exfoliate the skin, while microdermabrasion uses fine crystals to remove dead skin cells. Laser treatments target specific skin layers to stimulate regeneration and collagen production. At Absolute Cosmetic, we offer a full range of options to suit your individual goals. For more complex skin conditions or concerns, an appointment with one of our doctors may be required.

Results and What to Expect

Results vary depending on the chosen procedure and individual skin types. Generally, patients can expect to see a reduction in pore size, fewer blackheads, and improved skin hydration. Some redness and sensitivity might occur post-treatment, but these are usually temporary.

Expected Results / Maintaining Results

After undergoing non-surgical treatments, patients typically notice a more even skin texture, reduced pore visibility, and a decrease in blackheads. Dehydrated skin often appears more plump and vibrant. To maintain these results, we recommend a tailored skincare routine, regular follow-up treatments, and lifestyle adjustments like adequate hydration and sun protection. At Absolute Cosmetic, we offer a full-range of skincare options to suit your requirements. Our Medical Director has formulated a brand to address many skin concerns, SKIN TRUTH. To find our more about your suitability for this range, you can complete your personalised assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Results can vary, but typically last several months. Regular maintenance treatments can prolong these effects.

Most patients experience minimal discomfort. Some treatments may cause a slight tingling or warming sensation. For laser treatments, numbing cream is generally recommended to assist with any discomfort.

The number of sessions depends on the individual’s skin condition and desired results. A typical course may involve multiple sessions spaced several weeks apart.

Most non-surgical procedures have little to no downtime, allowing patients to return to their daily activities immediately.

Yes, many patients combine these treatments with other cosmetic procedures. We recommend consulting with our practitioners to determine a safe and effective treatment plan.

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